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Any business that sells or is planning to sell nutritional supplements should consider the option of selling private label vitamins. Working with a private label vitamin manufacturer can streamline and automate many aspects of running a supplement business. In this article, we’ll look at what private label vitamins are and the benefits of using this business model. 

What Are Private Label Vitamins?

A business may want to sell nutritional supplements but not have the facilities or expertise to manufacture the products themselves. They can work with a private label vitamin manufacturer, a company that manufactures products on behalf of other companies. 

Private labeling is a common practice, not only with supplements but with many popular products. Many store brands, for example, consist of private label products made by a third party. In the supplements industry, private label vitamins are widely sold by sellers that want to build their brands while outsourcing manufacturing and other services to a trustworthy private label company.

Benefits of Private Label Vitamins

There are quite a few benefits of private label vitamins.

Build Your Brand

When you partner with a private label vitamin manufacturer, you’re able to put your own logo and brand name on products. Most consumers won’t even know that you didn’t manufacture the products yourself. This lets you build your own brand and attract loyal customers without having to manufacture your own supplements.

Private Label Companies Have Well-Equipped Facilities 

Manufacturing supplements requires a great deal of expertise, personnel, and equipment. An established private label manufacturer will have the facilities and equipment to create all kinds of products. For example, you may want to sell supplements in several forms, such as tablets, softgels, or liquids. Each of these requires a distinct process. You can find a company that’s able to fulfill all your customers’ needs. 

Meet Quality Control Standards 

If you want to manufacture your own supplements, you’ll need to follow stringent guidelines set by the FDA. You’ll need to obtain the proper certifications as well as insurance. It is far simpler to get your supplements from an established private label company that meets all these guidelines.

With private labeling, sellers don’t have to set up their own complicated and expensive quality control process but can take advantage of quality assurance services provided by a private label company. Producing supplements that are safe requires specialized equipment and rigorous testing. With private label manufacturing, you can work with a company that has quality control processes in place. 

When researching private label companies, make sure they have the appropriate certifications for supplements such as FDA registered, cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice), and GOED (Global Organization for EPA & DHA omega-3s). 

Earn a High Profit Margin

Selling private label vitamins is an economical way to start a supplement business. Private label manufacturers are usually flexible about order sizes, letting smaller companies test new products with small orders. You can find out which products your customers prefer without investing in a large amount of inventory. Because production costs are relatively low, you can pass these savings on to your customers, giving you an edge over your competition. 

Private Label Companies Offer Many Convenient Services

Private label vitamin manufacturers offer quite a few services besides the actual manufacturing of supplements. They may also provide shipping, order fulfillment, warehousing, and labeling and packaging services, saving you time and effort. If a third-party company handles all aspects of the business, the seller doesn’t need extensive facilities or equipment to run a supplements business. 

A Wide Range of Private Label Vitamins to Sell

If you work with a leading private label manufacturer, you’ll be able to choose among a wide range of vitamins and other supplements. The company you work with may manufacture raw ingredients as well as fully packaged formulas and other products. The nutritional supplement industry is growing fast, with new products coming out all the time. The following are just some categories of products you can sell with private label vitamins.

These are just some of the supplements that are popular with consumers. With private label manufacturing, you can get these and many other quality products manufactured, labeled, and shipped.

Choose the Right Private Label Vitamin Manufacturer

To run a successful supplements business with loyal customers, it’s essential to choose the right partner. NutraPak USA offers complete private label services for tablets, capsules, softgels, and liquid supplements. They also provide labeling, order fulfillment, warehousing, and quality control services. To find out more, contact NutraPak.

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