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NutraPak offers top-tier capsule filling and manufacturing that aligns with your goals for marketing modern wellness supplements and vitamins. The complexities and compliance requirements involved with capsule manufacturing make in-house production untenable for many supplement and wellness brands.

As a trusted third-party capsule manufacturer, NutraPak has the equipment, expertise, and quality assurance (qa) measures necessary to ensure timely delivery of capsules created to your specifications and standards. using industry-leading raw materials and ingredients, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and California are capable of filling and packaging:

  • Vitamins and multivitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fish oil and omega supplements
  • Children’s formulas
  • Wellness formulas for relaxation, sleep, energy, vitality, and more

When vetting third-party capsule manufacturing companies and facilities, it’s important to choose a partner capable of creating final products that meet both brand and industry specifications. Our flexible, scalable operations make it possible to manufacture capsules with a wide variety of ingredients. Next, learn more about how outsourced capsule manufacturing works when you enjoy the technology and verification provided by one of the world’s top capsule manufacturing companies.

What Are Capsules?

The capsule is one of the most popular delivery methods for vitamins and supplements. Consisting of two halves, the capsule design allows one half to fit inside the other half to form an airtight closure. The ingredients in a capsule product are enclosed within an outer shell that is intended to break down as it moves through the digestive tract after ingestion. During digestion, the capsule’s content enters the bloodstream to be distributed and metabolized.

Capsules can either contain liquid or powder/pellet materials. The outside of a hard-shelled capsule consists of two halves. One half fits inside the other to form a closed casing. The airtight quality of the capsule allows brands to fit more than one active ingredient within a single pill. This is one of the reasons why capsules are often preferred when formulating dual-action or time-released products. Here’s a look at the benefits of using capsules when manufacturing vitamins and supplements:

  • Effectiveness – The enhanced bioavailability provided by capsules makes them a better value for customers because it allows for more of the vitamin or supplement to enter the bloodstream.
  • Potency – Capsules are liked by customers because they allow for fast absorption
  • Palatability – Capsules are free of flavor.
  • Efficiency – Capsules work quickly.
  • Safety – The tamper-resistant design of capsules makes it difficult to split or crush them outside of a home or hospital environment.
  • Customization – While capsules impede tampering, they can be opened by customers looking to split dosages. They also offer an ideal format for sprinkling supplements or vitamins into foods and beverages.

Capsules can be made using a variety of substances. Generally, supplement and vitamin brands choose gelatin-based capsules sourced from animal products. Non-gelatin capsules are usually made from hydrolyzed collagen that has been broken down for optimal absorption in the body.

While capsules offer many benefits, some brands choose softgels over capsules due to limitations that don’t work for their specific products. As one of the world’s leading capsule manufacturing companies, NutraPak USA can help you discover capsule alternatives that make your product as marketable and palatable as possible for your core market.

Capsule Manufacturing Process

How do supplements, vitamins, and other products get into capsules? Capsule production and filling happens as part of an agreement between a brand and order-fulfillment facility. A brand brings its formulation to a third-party company with the facility, technology, and capabilities to fulfill orders. When selecting a facility, it’s important to weight the following factors:

  • Cost
  • Rules for minimum orders
  • Turnaround time
  • Capsule types available
  • Availability of packaging and fulfillment services
  • Quality and compliance

There are actually several methods for having products made under your brand’s label. In many cases, well-recognized supplement brands conduct all production and packaging at third-party facilities. These same services are also available to small, independent wellness brands. It’s even possible to bring a product to market using full-service manufacturing, warehousing, labeling, and marketing.

Capsule Manufacturing Services

When launching a supplement brand, the sky’s the limit when it comes to being as hands-on or hands-off as you want. Take a look at the services clients who entrust their supplement manufacturing to NutraPak get to enjoy.

Private Label Vitamin and Supplement Services

When you enter into a private label agreement, our skilled laboratory scientists and manufacturing experts create a product that you can market and sell under your own label.

Contract Manufacturing and Production

If you already have an original vitamin or supplement product that you’d like to bring to the market, our state-of-the-art production facility offers the perfect way to create a shelf-ready or ship-ready finished product. Our scalable contract manufacturing and production services include contract bottle filling, capsule filling, capping, induction sealing, label generation, shrink wrapping, applying secondary packaging, providing outer packaging, and much more!

Brand Marketing Solutions for Your Vitamins or Supplements

Our marketing and leadership teams are staffed with seasoned experts from the supplement industry ready to help you enjoy stellar sales performance. Once your product is launched, we’ll manage storage, shipping, order fulfillment, and more. Capable of shipping products anywhere in the world, our product experts can arrange to have inventory deployed from our warehouses in New Jersey or California.

Access to Our Top-tier Research and Development (R&D)

NutraPak clients enjoy the perks of decades of research and development in supplement and vitamin production when they have their products created and packaged at our USA-based facilities. We offer speed bottling, impact-resistant bottling, packaging techniques that increase shelf life, non-contaminant packaging materials, and a nitrogen environment that prevents oxidation.

World-class Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control

At our facility, every product undergoes meticulous and thorough testing in adherence to the strictest guidelines. This includes raw material evaluation, compliance verification, analysis and testing, and quality monitoring. Our QA Department monitors packaging to guarantee product integrity, purity, and label claim accuracy on every batch. Rest assured that your capsules will be made in QA labs staffed with qualified chemists dedicated to ensuring that everything that ships out meets our rigorous quality standards.

Learn more about making products you can be proud to bring to market under your brand label using a trusted outsourced capsule manufacturer. Contact NutraPak USA for a capsule contract manufacturing quote today!

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