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What Are Softgels?

A softgel is a delivery method for supplements and vitamins that features a clear shell filled with liquid. Generally, softgels feature transparent gelatin-based shells. Unlike capsules that feature two interlocking halves, softgels are fully closed units sealed with a longitudinal seam during production. NutraPak USA manufactures softgels for a variety of leading brands offering:

  • Multivitamins
  • Vitamin D
  • Fish oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Pet supplements

Softgels are available in gelatin-based and vegetarian varieties. However, gelatin softgels represent most of the softgels sold on the market today. Vegetarian softgels are generally made from tapioca starch and seaweed. A plasticizer is also added to softgels to provide them with their flexible texture. During the filling process, active ingredients are combined with a carrier solution. Some brands may also choose to add coloring agents, flavors, preservatives, or stability-enhancing agents to their products.

Why do so many supplement and vitamin brands prefer to encapsulate their products in softgels? Here’s a look at softgel benefits:

  • Softgels are ideal for marketing easy-to-swallow supplements.
  • Due to their quick-dissolving properties, softgels are highly digestible.
  • They provide strong bioavailability that adds value for customers by making active ingredients readily usable by the body.
  • Compared to liquids and tablets, softgels are great for offering precise doses.
  • The softgel shell is excellent for masking pungent scents and tastes in fish-based and garlic-based supplements.
  • Compared to other options, softgels are essentially impervious to tampering due to the fact that the liquid contained within them cannot be accessed without puncturing the shell. The content inside a softgel is also protected from exposure to debris and contaminants.

Due to the complicated process that goes into creating softgel supplements and vitamins, most brands today utilize outsourced softgel manufacturing. When selecting a softgel contract manufacturer, it’s essential to look for a facility that practices stringent quality assurance (QA) practices in a production environment capable of creating customized products that meet both brand and industry standards.

Softgels aren’t perfect for every type of vitamin and supplement. For example, products rich in moisture-sensitive ingredients may benefit from capsules instead. NutraPak USA’s team of seasoned supplement and manufacturing professionals can help you learn the differences between softgels and capsules to find your brand’s perfect fit!

A Look at the Softgel Manufacturing Process

One of the benefits of bringing your vitamin or supplement product to market using a softgel contract manufacturer is that you don’t need to invest in the production space and equipment necessary to manufacture and fill softgels. A high-end piece of equipment called a softgel encapsulation machine is needed to fill capsules with precise dosages before applying airtight sealing.

Softgel manufacturing is a precise, slightly temperamental process that requires extreme quality control. For example, it’s essential to produce softgels in a temperature-controlled facility with carefully monitored humidity levels. The encapsulation process must also be handled impeccably to prevent product contamination. Finally, newly filled softgels require a specialized drying process that removes excess moisture from the capsule’s exterior. Products should also be cleaned and inspected prior to being packaged.

Our Softgel Manufacturing Services

As a leading softgel manufacturer, NutraPak USA is proud to offer the brands and labels that trust us to bring their products to market a variety of scalable services. Our production and branding experts can handle every aspect of developing, producing, shipping, and marketing your supplement or vitamin.

Private Label Softgel Manufacturing

Our private label softgel manufacturing services allow brands of all sizes to compete in the supplement marketplace. Our high-volume capabilities and quick turnaround times make it easy to run your supplement business without taking on any in-house responsibilities for formulation, manufacturing, or quality control. We offer access to in-depth research and development that’s overseen by a team of laboratory scientists and formulators.

Contract Manufacturing and Packaging

At NutraPak USA, we make your products ready for the market with our assortment of containers and closures. We also make it easy to put your own signature on your supplement or vitamin. In addition to providing filling and bottling services, we offer counting, paper insertion, capping, induction sealing, label generation, carton placement, application of outer packaging, and much more!

Access to High-level Research and Development (R&D)

At NutraPak USA, we don’t just make your product for you. We make your product better than the competition by using stringent R&D practices. Our clients enjoy high-speed bottling using life-extending practices. We use strong, impact-resistant bottles made from materials that won’t contaminate your product. We also offer a climate-controlled production environment with nitrogen to prevent oxidation. NutraPak USA invests in research and testing to develop new products and production methods on behalf of our clients.

Order Fulfillment and Warehousing

Keep your investment load light by taking advantage of our business-to-business fulfillment solutions. Our services keep your product flowing to customers by incorporating production, storage, and shipping into your fulfillment plan. This cost-effective, flexible model allows you to have your products shipped worldwide from New Jersey or California.

Impeccable Quality Assurance (QA)

At our QA laboratories, qualified chemists test raw materials and finished products against the most rigorous quality specifications. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery designed for top-level blending, granulation, encapsulation, and compression to guarantee products with the best potency and purity levels possible. In addition to performing ongoing quality testing before, during, and after production, our product experts and engineers consistently monitor all processes to ensure quality and compliance.

As a trusted USA-based softgel manufacturer for supplement and vitamin brands, NutraPak USA can put our extensive capabilities to work for your brand! Manufacturing softgels is one of the most complicated undertakings within the supplement industry. We make softgel manufacturing for brands of all sizes easy through our scalable services. Contact us today to learn more about how to make softgels for your supplement or vitamin product!

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