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Why do so many businesses search for terms such as “vitamin manufacturers USA?” It’s because so many customers are seeking quality vitamin products. Vitamins are the most familiar and popular type of nutritional supplement. Even before the recent surge in supplements, many people took Vitamin C, B complexes, and other vitamins to boost health. A contract vitamin contractor today may produce a much wider selection of vitamins to meet the needs of all types of customers. Let’s look at what a vitamin manufacturer does, what to consider when researching private label vitamin manufacturers, and related topics.


Contract Vitamin Manufacturing

A contract vitamin manufacturer is a company that produces vitamins and perhaps other nutritional supplements. They may also be private label vitamin manufacturers, which lets you sell products exclusively under your brand name. If you search for vitamin manufacturers USA, you’ll find that quite a few companies offer these services.

Overview of Contract Vitamin Manufacturing

Millions of customers regularly consume vitamins for many purposes. A vitamin manufacturer may create specialized formulas for women, men, children, or pets. They may make products for particular conditions such as energy, relaxation, or sleep. Other formulas may be to help certain organs or manage particular conditions such as blood pressure, blood sugar, bone, and joint health, skincare, weight loss, prostate, or kidneys.

A contract vitamin manufacturer should have certifications such as FDA Registered and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice). They may also have certifications for more specific products, such as APPA for pet supplements and GOED for omega-3 supplements.

While vitamin manufacturers USA all produce nutritional supplements, they may offer different arrangements. You have to decide if you want your own branded products or if you’re willing to sell items that are commonly available. Vitamin manufacturers may produce generic supplements that are sold by many companies. Private label vitamin manufacturers work with sellers to create custom products.

Forms of Vitamins

A vitamin manufacturer may produce vitamins and other supplements in several forms. Each has its pros and cons and customers have their own preferences. The following are the most common forms or delivery systems a contract vitamin manufacturer is likely to offer.
  • Tablets — The most familiar form of supplement, tablets are versatile, have a long shelf life, are inexpensive to produce, and can be made in many sizes and styles.
  • Capsules —Customers may prefer capsules as they’re easier to swallow than tablets. They are also tasteless and can break down in the body faster than tablets.
  • Liquid vitamins — Liquid vitamins are easy to swallow and can be added to water, juice, or other beverages. Liquids are easier to digest for people with certain ailments or who have had gastric surgery.
  • Gummies — Gummy vitamins have the consistency and taste of candy, making them a popular choice for children’s vitamins. They are also preferred by people who don’t like swallowing tablets or capsules.
When researching vitamin manufacturers USA or private label manufacturers, you need to find a company that makes the types of supplements your customers prefer. You may want to offer vitamin supplements in multiple forms to reach more customers.

Available Vitamin Ingredients​

A contract vitamin manufacturer may create vitamins using many ingredients. Some products contain single vitamins, such as Vitamin A, one of the B complex vitamins such as B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, etc. Multivitamin formulas may contain a wide range of ingredients, including minerals, herbs, probiotics, and other nutrients. A contract vitamin manufacturer usually includes inactive as well as active ingredients in their products. These are added for purposes such as preserving freshness or maintaining consistency. Common fillers include cellulose, silicon dioxide, an anti-caking agent, and potassium sorbate, a natural preservative. Capsules will contain whatever ingredient is used to form the capsule, such as gelatin or a vegetarian alternative.

Contract Vitamin Manufacturing Services

If you’re seeking vitamin manufacturers USA, there are many choices. However, it’s necessary to find a company that can meet your needs and those of your customers. The following are some services you may require from a contract vitamin manufacturer.

  • Vitamin and supplement manufacturing. You need a company that is able to produce the products you need. You may want them to help you with R & D for new products. Companies differ in the types of vitamin products they make, pricing, minimum orders, and other specs.
  • Private labeling. Private label vitamin manufacturers are the right choice if you want to build your brand with unique products that no one else can sell.
  • Warehousing and order fulfillment. Many sellers of supplements need a company that stores and ships products as well as manufactures them. Items can be shipped directly from the vitamin manufacturer to residential or retail buyers.
  • Services for Amazon sellers. Amazon sellers who use FBA can work with a contract vitamin manufacturer that is able to ship items to Amazon, which then ships them to the customer. Private label vitamin manufacturers let you sell products on Amazon under your own brand name.

You can search for vitamin manufacturers USA and private label vitamin manufacturers and find many options. However, you have to make sure you work with a reputable company that has the solutions that are right for you.

NutraPak USA is a vitamin manufacturer that offers the above services and more for vitamin and supplement sellers.

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