Supplements Contract Manufacturing, Filling & Packaging Services

Nutraceutical Supplement Contract Manufacturing, Filling, and Packaging Services

Supplement Filling Machine

At NutraPak USA, we offer an assortment of containers and closures in order to bring our customer’s original product from just a conception to a creation. Our stock selection of bottles and closures include a variety of different styles, colors, and materials.

We offer turnkey contract filling and packaging services. As a top rated contract bottle filling company located in the US, NutraPak USA provide a wide variety or products and contract filling services. Trust us to deliver the very best contract bottle filling and packaging.

Our contract filling services include:

  • Contract Bottle Filling
  • Softgel and Gelcap Bottle Filling
  • Capsule, Tablet and Caplet Bottle Filling
  • Liquid Packaging
  • Pouch Filling
  • Blister Packing
  • Materials Purchasing
  • Counting and Filling
  • Paper and Desiccant Inserting
  • Capping
  • Induction Sealing
  • Label Creation, Printing and Application
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Cartoning (secondary packaging)
  • Outer Packaging

Dietary Supplement Packaging Options

NutraPak USA offers a variety of packaging options, including bottle sizes and colors, for dietary supplements. View the chart below to see available packaging options.

Contract Filling and Packaging

Common Bottles and Droppers

Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturing Droppers

Tincture Packaging

supplement Liquid Line Packaging Our tincture packaging includes a fully automatic liquid packaging line with multiple filler heads, torque machine, heat induction unit, clear neck band seal unit, and printed lot/expiration date.

Tincture Filling Sizes:

  • ½ oz to 1 Gallon

Common Flavors

Citrus Punch | Super Punch | Lemon Lime | Cherry | Lemonade
White Mint Honey | Pink Lemonade | Mango | Orange | Peppermint | Strawberry Mint | Chocolate Mint | Ginger | Cinnamon

Special for Pets: Bacon | Chicken | Beef

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