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At NutraPak USA we strive to be innovators in the dietary, vitamin, and nutritional supplement markets.  There has been no greater achievement in nutritional science than the successful application of liposomal technology to the efficient delivery of cellular nutrients. This simple-to-understand yet difficult-to-accomplish advancement has changed the way nutrition can be used to positively influence the biological functions of the human body.

NutraPak USA specializes in liposome contract manufacturing. We introduced an innovation in liposomal supplements and products which gives our products stability and quality not seen with traditional delivery systems.  We are in the forefront of liposomal supplements, working with the best ingredient sources and offering special formulations and private label liposome supplement manufacturing.

How liposomal supplement works

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private label liposome manufacturing Omega 3 Liposomal delivery systems, with their advanced nutrient bioavailability, are increasingly popular. There are nearly 54,000 peer reviewed published studies on liposomes, and breakthroughs in their formulation have benefitted many fields. They are utilized in medicine, cosmetics, for delivery of vaccines, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, botanicals and even in agriculture.

Liposomes are tiny lipid bubbles—so tiny they are invisible to the naked eye, a 1/1000th the width of a single human hair. They are made out of the same fat—phospholipids—as our own cell membranes. Liposomes are biocompatible and stable, and can be crafted to carry both water and fat-soluble nutrients. If formulated correctly, they can facilitate absorption as soon as they land on the tongue, and can help protect breakdown by digestive acids and enzymes. Because they are made of the same lipids that compose our own cell membranes, they may effectively meld with the cell membrane and optimize cellular support.

Liposomal technology has been said to bring the power of intravenous therapy into a convenient oral form. With its ease of use—a mere squirt or swallow—and promise of rapid delivery and optimal uptake, liposomal formulations can offer impressive potency. Because of enhanced delivery and absorption, nutrients delivered in liposomal form at lower doses may offer equal or greater efficacy than higher doses provided in forms that are less bioavailable.

Their potency is impressive. In liposomal form, the absorption of nutrients can compare to that of intravenous formulations, and appears to help maintain precious intracellular storage.  For example, in liposomal form, vitamin B-12 can have uptake levels five to fifteen times as high as in traditional form. Even better, the phospholipids in liposomes are therapeutic. They help nourish every cell membrane by providing the lipids needed to function optimally.

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Whatever vitamin and nutrient you’d like to formulate, source, and package using our liposomal delivery system, we can provide it for you. Contact a client specialist today!

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