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NutraPak USA maintains a new, state-of-the-art nutritional supplement filling and packaging facility with a fully-green option. The new facility is FDA Approved, GMP-compliant and provides quality, turn-key private-labeling services for the bottling of softgels, gelcaps, caplets, tablets and capsules. Blister packing, pouch filling, and liquid packaging are also available utilizing a wide variety of caps, pumps and seals.

NutraPak USA offers 1-stop shopping for supplement manufacturing services for companies nationwide; from startups selling on Amazon to established marketers selling to big-box retailers. According to CEO Brandon Miller, “we provide the highest quality raw materials and the industry’s best filling, packaging, warehousing, marketing and shipping services. All with a high level of customer care and extremely competitive pricing for private label retailers and contract manufacturers.”

The client roster includes products sold in Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and all other major retailers including leading brands, distributors, and private labelers. NutraPak USA is also instrumental in helping its clients produce special formulas for their respective markets as part of its custom manufacturing solutions to fit the needs of clients large and small.

Stenberg explains, “we solve manufacturing problems and provide real solutions no matter what the nature and extent of the project. Our experience and expertise runs deep. Our commitment to quality, integrity, and our clients’ success is stronger than ever.”

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NutraPak USA provides:

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One-Stop Assistance for Amazon Sellers

NutraPak USA’s staff helps startups sell supplements on Amazon, including private label vitamins and dietary health supplements. They learn how to use Amazon’s warehousing and customer fulfillment service (FBA). Their proprietary marketing program makes it easy to get started selling product to consumers across the country.

Private Label Supplements USA

Private Labeling

NutraPak USA employs highly skilled laboratory scientists and formulators to provide its clients with in-depth R&D, quality control testing, and product analysis. Highly efficient, streamlined systems, along with large volume capabilities, allows the company to offer low pricing and fast turnaround times.

Turn-Key Brand Marketing

Unlike other supplement manufacturers, NutraPack USA provides customized marketing, package design & graphics, labeling, fulfillment, and all business development solutions to aid the marketer in developing, formulating, manufacturing, marketing and distributing its products. NutraPak USA also handles product storage and shipping, making fulfillment effortless.

Contract Manufacturing

 NutraPak USA utilizes its high-speed equipment and new packaging technology for counting, filling, capping and sealing softgels, capsules, tablets and liquids, as well as pouches and blister packs. The supplier also handles label creation, printing, label application, shrink wrapping, and outer packaging. State-of-the-art methods, including stronger, impact-resistant bottles and nitrogen environment, help ensure longer shelf lives and prevention of oxidation and contamination. Plus, NutraPak USA’s fully-green option gives clients a strong marketing advantage with environmentally-conscious consumers.

Prime Quality Assurance

NutraPak USA’s new facility employs stringent quality standards including rigorous materials testing, quality-control lab testing, environmental-monitoring, packaging QA for product integrity, and regular 3rd-party analysis. They even go the extra mile using active ingredient assays, dissolution/disintegration methods, digestion simulation for bio-absorbability, microbiological purity testing, and GMO testing to ensure freshness, efficacy, and compliance with all client specifications and label claims.

We now provide inventory storage and staged releases according to your delivery schedule.

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