Capsule & Softgel Manufacturing

If you want to release nutritional supplements, a softgel and capsule manufacturer can help you create popular products for your customers. Softgel and capsule manufacturing lets you offer supplements in the most convenient form for consumers. Let’s look at some reasons to use a softgel capsule manufacturer along with some tips on finding the best ones for your needs.


What are Softgels?

Softgels contain ingredients that are enclosed in a soft substance such as gelatin. There are also vegan softgel options. Gelatin is usually the main ingredient for most softgels. Gelatin is an animal product. Vegetarian softgels may be made from cellulose, a plant product, or tapioca, a starch also derived from a plant.

The softgel filling may be vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other ingredients. You have to check with a softgel contract manufacturer to find out what types of softgels and ingredients they offer. 

Here are the main benefits of softgels:

  • Softgels are often faster-acting than tablets. They are easy to digest and the nutrients are delivered quickly to different areas of the body.
  • Softgels are tasteless as the fillings are completely enclosed. Tablets may have an unpleasant taste.
  • Depending on the product or formula, softgels can be better for the product’s long-term quality and stability.
  • Many customers who have difficulty swallowing tablets prefer softgels.

The above are some leading advantages of softgels. Now we will explore more about the softgel manufacturing process and what you should look for in a softgel contract manufacturer.

Softgel Manufacturing Process

Softgel manufacturing demands a precise set of actions. Here are some of the tools and steps involved in the capsule manufacturing process.

  • Climate control. It’s important to have the right temperature and humidity levels, which will differ depending on the ingredients.
  • Choosing the type of softgel material such as gelatin or an alternative.
  • Encapsulation — This is the process of attaching the gel mass around the fill material to create a usable softgel capsule.
  • Drying — Any excess moisture needs to be removed from the capsule.

The capsule manufacturing process may also include other steps, such as cleaning and inspecting the products before packaging.


Capsule Manufacturing

If you’re marketing a supplement, there are a few reasons you may seek a capsule manufacturer as opposed to other types of products such as tablets. Capsule manufacturing is getting more popular for a number of reasons. There are advantages for both supplement sellers and customers. However, capsule manufacturing is not something the average person can do on their own. It’s a complex process that requires sophisticated equipment as well as an efficient system of production.

Selecting Capsule Filling Ingredients

When researching capsule manufacturing, you need to identify the type of supplements you want to sell. You can choose a capsule filling that meets the needs of you and your customers. However, you also have to consider what the capsule itself is made from. This will affect the cost and quality. You also have to consider your customers’ preferences.

 The capsule manufacturing process makes it possible to use many types of ingredients for capsule filling. There is a large market for nutritional supplements in capsule form. The following are just a few examples of the types of supplements you can produce with capsule manufacturing.

  • Vitamins —Vitamin C, B complex vitamins, Vitamin D, etc.
  • Minerals —Calcium, magnesium, multivitamin/mineral formulas
  • Fish oil and other omega-3 supplements
  • Formulas for purposes such as relaxation, energy, sleep, and other functions
  • Children’s formulas

A capsule manufacturer can include almost any nutrient inside a capsule. However, different companies may have their own limitations when it comes to capsule manufacturing.

Softgel Capsule Manufacturing Services

There are many companies that offer softgel capsule manufacturing. You’ll want to work with a reputable company with a manufacturing process that can meet your needs and provide you with quality products. Here are some things to look for when comparing capsule manufacturing options.

  • Cost
  • Minimum orders
  • Speed
  • Types of softgel capsules available for manufacturing (gelatin vs vegetarian)
  • Softgel capsule filling ingredient options for your supplements
  • Packaging and fulfillment services. You may want a softgel capsule manufacturer that’s able to handle some of these tasks.

Softgel capsule manufacturing provides you with many possibilities for meeting your customers’ needs. However, you need to find a reputable softgel contract manufacturer that is able to provide you with quality products and prompt service, at an affordable cost.

Private Label Softgel Capsule Manufacturer

When considering the right softgel capsule contract manufacturer, it’s worth looking into the benefits of private label capsules. This type of arrangement allows you to put your own brand name on supplements. When you have an arrangement with a softgel capsule manufacturer to produce private label vitamin or supplement, you have exclusive rights to sell this product. Private label softgels and capsules are one of the best ways to build your brand. Be sure to find a softgel capsule manufacturer that offers high-quality, unique products.

Find the Best Softgel Capsule Manufacturer

There are many options for softgel capsule manufacturing. However, it’s important to find a softgel capsule contract manufacturer that meets your needs. NutraPak USA is a contract manufacturer that offers a wide selection of capsules and softgel ingredients and services. We use the most efficient capsule manufacturing process to fulfill your orders promptly. Learn more about how we can help you with your softgel and capsule manufacturing needs.

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