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Private label manufacturing is a useful process if you want to sell products such as nutritional supplements without having to manufacture them or sell products under someone else’s brand name. You can tap into the resources of top supplement manufacturers and place your own logo and packaging on quality products. If you search for information on private label manufacturer USA, you can find many options. 

In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of private labeling for supplements.

What are Private Label Services?

Private label manufacturing is a business model that is applied in many industries. Private labeling allows a retailer to sell a product created by a third party under their own brand name. Many large stores, for example, such as Target, Trader Joe’s and many others sell products that carry their brand name but are actually made by other brands. Customers often don’t realize that they are buying a private label product and simply assume it’s created for the retailer they are shopping with. Private label manufacturing, while used by major retailers, is also a powerful way for smaller businesses and startups to build their brands.

Private Label Manufacturing For Nutritional Supplements

Private label services are available for many industries, including food, fashion, household items and much more. It’s also a commonly used business model for health and nutritional products. It’s an alternative to creating your own products or selling products on behalf of a national brand. 


Private label services can be extremely beneficial to anyone who wants to sell quality nutritional supplements. It combines the best aspects of manufacturing your own supplements and selling products made by an established brand. A retailer can easily sell quality supplements such as multivitamins, minerals, omega-3 supplements and hundreds of other products.

Top Benefits of Private Label Services

There are several good reasons to consider private label manufacturing for supplements as opposed to either manufacturing your own supplements or selling products that carry another brand’s name. 


  • Simpler than creating your own products. Releasing a product yourself requires many steps, such as manufacturing, testing, quality control, packaging and more. Private label services handle these and other tasks for you.
  • Sell exclusive products. Compared to selling another brand’s products, private labeling gives you complete control over the packaging and pricing. Sellers obtain products that match their specifications and that they can market as their own. Packaging and labeling are also uniquely created for a specific brand. 
  • Build brand loyalty. It’s harder to attract return customers if you’re selling products that people can get anywhere. With private labeling, you have a chance to build loyalty as customers buy items they can only buy at your store or website.

Private Label vs White Label

People sometimes confuse private labeling with white labeling. Private labeling provides a brand with exclusive access to a product, while white labeling refers to generic products that can be sold by multiple retailers. Both can be beneficial for nutritional supplement companies, depending on your needs and budget. However, private labeling is more effective for building a brand and attracting loyal customers as it lets you sell exclusive products.

What Services Do Private Label Manufacturers Offer?

If you are researching private label manufacturer USA, NutraPak USA offers many services to help retailers sell quality supplements. We provide the following:


  • Production, research and development.
  • Quality control and quality assurance.
  • Control testing.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Order fulfillment and warehousing.
  • Packaging design, labeling and graphics.
  • Many choices for product types and delivery systems —Gelcaps, softgels, liquid packaging, tincture packaging and more.

In addition to these services, we monitor the latest industry trends to help you find products that are most in-demand and useful to your customers. Each item is customized to the needs of your brand. We work with multivitamin manufacturers in USA as well as sellers of many types of nutritional supplements.

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