June 21, 2023 by NutraPak USA

There’s a way for softgels to be better! While people already love the softness, freshness, and ease of softgels, some supplement manufacturers have found a way to make their products even better. Introducing the twist off softgel. Here at NutraPak USA, we’ve been hard at work helping our clients in the supplement world transition to this in-demand option when it enhances their oral and topical products.

Are you wondering if it’s time to boost your product line’s profile by integrating twist off soft gel capsules or twist off capsules into your lineup? When you have the right white-label contract manufacturer behind your twist off softgels, there’s no need to feel intimidated about making the leap to a better delivery method that’s going to bring the customer experience to the next level. Ready to bring your brand into the level of elite competitors with twist off soft gel capsules? Learn all about this terrific option that more and more consumers are looking for when browsing options on the shelves.

What Are Twist Off Softgels?

A twist off softgel combines everything people love about softgels with everything they love about capsules. However, this option provides a little more freedom than essentially any other option out there regarding how the consumer wants to use your product. This is why twist off capsules are becoming so popular among high-end and mainstream brands. Here’s how twist off softgels work:

  1. Holding the capsule, the user gently twists the top off to open the capsule. This makes its contents accessible.
  2. The user then fully separates the upper and lower parts of the capsule.
  3. With the two halves separated, the user can now squeeze the contents of the capsule to another apparatus. The contents can also be squeezed directly into the mouth.

Twist off softgels are essentially shells that are composed of two separate pieces called the body and cap. Unlike ordinary softgels, the cap on twist off softgels can be removed. Like ordinary softgels, they are made from some type of 100% plant-based, biodegradable shell that is both lightweight and environmentally friendly. This could be an option to pivot to if you’re currently torn between soft gels vs. capsules.

Benefits of Twist Off Softgels

What makes a twist off soft gel capsules so much better than other options? There are several reasons to consider pivoting to this option when creating or expanding your supplement line. Here’s a look at how this option can elevate your product’s market position.

1. Product Integrity

By providing a premeasured single-serving dosage, twist off capsules facilitate improved accuracy and integrity. Additionally, this format helps to improve stability while also insulating the product from temperature changes. There’s also the benefit of reducing light exposure that can degrade the product.

2. Accuracy and Potency

Twist off soft gel capsules can boost product effectiveness by providing accurate, premeasured dosing for the customers. In the case of topical products that are being packaged in twist off capsules, manufacturers can avoid the use of preservatives that are needed when products are housed in “shared” containers. In addition to reducing cost and bulk, this can result in a purer, more potent product.

3. Portable

Portability is a feature that’s important enough to distinguish one product from the rest of the market. The portable nature of single-use capsules makes them ideal for long-distance travel. They also fit nicely in purses and wallets for everyday use. Customers appreciate products that won’t become compressed, broken, or contaminated during travel.

4. No Mess or Contamination

Twist off soft gel capsules eliminate the spills and messes of bottles, tubes, and other sloppy options. While a mess-free application looks and feels amazing, this benefit also goes deeper. The neat nature of twist off softgels drastically reduces contamination. There’s no need to worry about the contents of the product coming into contact with germs or bacteria from fingers or applicators.

5. Appealing for All Ages

Brands looking to expand their market reach to families may have the most to gain from twist off softgels. This is a great format for pediatric application because it creates an easy and pleasant small-dose experience for the consumer. What’s more, the naturally tamperproof design of soft gels is always appreciated by parents.

Develop Your Product Line With Innovative Capsules

Are you ready to make a leap with a better product that provides a better customer experience? NutraPak USA is a premier provider of custom white-label twist off soft gels for brands around the country. All of our products are made in a new FDA-approved, GMP-compliant factory offering turnkey private-labeling services. Contact us today to get a custom quote for twist off capsules, twist off softgels, and our other services.

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