January 11, 2024 by NutraPak USA

Softgel manufacturing is only going to get better. The softgel is already the preferred format for taking supplements and pharmaceuticals among consumers. Unlike rigid pills and tablets, softgels go down smoothly without worries about the product becoming stuck in the throat. An easy-to-swallow design combined with a smooth texture can make it easier for customers to keep up with daily dosages because they don’t have fear or apprehension about taking a product. This is especially important for elderly individuals, children, or people who struggle with swallowing due to medical conditions. 

Of course, the popularity of softgels comes down to more than just a pleasant user experience. Softgels provide consumers with better value because they provide superior bioavailability compared to solid pills. When manufacturing fat-soluble nutrients, softgels help to preserve potency and bioavailability. What’s more, the single-unit shell of the softgel offers greater prevention against degradation compared to two-part capsules. While it may seem like the softgel can’t get any better than it already is, manufacturing technology is already two steps ahead of where the industry is today. Keep reading to learn where the future of softgel manufacturing is headed.

The Future of the Softgel Manufacturing Process

Contract softgel manufacturing companies will be at the forefront in the advancement in softgel manufacturing. The simple reason why is that these third-party manufacturers produce high volumes of softgels for clients in all subcategories of the supplement and pharmaceutical industries. As a result, they have the data and insights needed to optimize manufacturing performance. While third-party softgel manufacturers have been producing, filling, and packaging softgels for customers for decades, new technologies are making it possible for these manufacturers to innovate like never before. Using data-driven insights, third-party contract softgel manufacturing companies are finding ways to cut the cost per unit for their clients. Additionally, they are continuously improving formulations to enhance bioavailability.

When supplement companies use a contract softgel manufacturing company, that company carefully monitors each batch. As time goes on, the scientists and technicians overseeing the production are able to refine and enhance production steps. The insights gained after producing millions of units per year allow on-demand softgel manufacturers to use real-time data to develop processes for increasing speed, quality, and versatility. Those insights also allow them to update machinery and equipment to be compatible with the real-world demands of the production floor. This creates fast, efficient production processes that cut delivery times substantially. For brands that use outsourced softgel manufacturing, this means faster turnaround times that allow them to keep their products in stock. 

As innovations in the manufacturing begin to speed up, this will cause brands that are attempting in-house softgel formulation to increasingly pivot to third-party manufacturers. For these brands, pouring capital into marketing instead of attempting to upgrade production processes to keep up with manufacturing facilities that are producing millions of units each year will simply be the better option for remaining competitive in the crowded supplement space. The cost to invest in research and development, hire specialized staff, and upgrade equipment and technology simply won’t be worth it when using world-class third-party softgel manufacturing plants that can produce batches on demand is an option.

Softgel Capsule Future Market Trends

The big news about softgel capsule market trends is that the softgel capsule is quickly overtaking other delivery methods to become the preferred delivery method for a variety of supplements and wellness products. While this trend is set to continue, consumers will be looking for more variety from softgels than ever before. One of the big trends on the horizon is a growing demand for softgel capsules that accommodate dietary restrictions. When anticipating softgel capsule market trends for the next three years, look for a big upswing in demand for softgels that cater to a vegan lifestyle. In addition, softgel capsule market trends will follow technology that makes it possible for supplement brands of all sizes to offer more allergen-friendly options by using contract production. 

Additionally, the softgel capsule market can expect to see more interest in time-release capsules. “Smart” softgels that allow multiple ingredients to be consumed in a single dose are currently under development. Once widely released, these smart time-released softgels will offer a cost-effective way to combine ingredients using different release modes to enhance bioavailability.

Enjoy the Future of Softgel Technology Now With the Right Softgel Manufacturing Company

NutraPak USA is a leading nutritional supplement manufacturer that fulfils orders out of our state-of-the-art nutraceutical filling and packaging facility in New Jersey. Our in-house research and development (R&D) team, quality assurance (QA) team, lab experts, and scientists are constantly innovating with our manufacturing processes to produce softgels with the highest quality, potency, and bioavailability possible. This allows your brand to get a premium product on the shelves without investing in costly manufacturing equipment. Are you looking for a softgel manufacturing company offering the latest technology? We can help you understand the difference between softgels and capsules to find the most compatible choice for your supplement. Contact us today to get a quote!

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