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White label supplements make it possible to launch a wellness or lifestyle brand without the infrastructure, research and development, and in-house staff needed to start at the grassroots. The “secret” behind many new and established supplement brands is that they don’t actually produce their own formulations. 

A white label supplement manufacturer produces, tests, bottles, and packages supplements on their behalf. These white label supplements are fully branded to the specifications of the client. NutraPak USA is one of the premier softgel manufacturers USA supplement brands trust to get their products on the market. If you’re currently exploring the option of working with white label softgel manufacturer, we’ll be happy to help you learn about what to expect. 

What Is White Label Softgel Manufacturing?

 The “white label” part of supplement manufacturing refers to the fact that a manufacturer leaves the label blank for a client’s name. Under a white label softgel manufacturer agreement, the white label supplement manufacturer has ready-made formulas waiting to be filled into packaging that will then have your brand’s name placed on the label. While the client has full control of the branding of the product, they cannot control the ingredients.


Benefits of White Label Softgel Manufacturing

 Is using white label supplements a smart business plan? If the goal is to focus on branding instead of becoming an expert on formulations, white label supplements provide the perfect vehicle for selling products. Here’s a look at the benefits of bringing your product to the market with a white label supplement manufacturer. 

No Deep Investment Needed

Funding is a major barrier to entry for most people trying to enter the supplement space. While raising capital is always an option, this path is both risky and difficult. A new brand could spend years pitching to investors just to get enough money to hire a small crew of experts to help formulate a supplement. What’s more, building or purchasing a state-of-the-art laboratory space for production and testing that meets all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines would be extremely costly. Hiring a white label softgel manufacturer enables you to simply pay for a batch to get started. NutraPak USA is one of the leading softgel manufacturers USA supplement brands trust because we provide top-tier formulations they can be proud to put their names on.

Access to Incredible Expertise

When you choose NutraPak USA as your white label softgel manufacturer, you’re getting decades of expertise and experience from a world-class team of laboratory scientists and formulators capable of performing research and development (R&D), quality assurance (QA), product analysis, and much more. Our state-of-the-art production facilities in the United States don’t just house the best production and quality-control equipment in the industry. Our production floors also house decades of expertise from trained, certified leaders in supplement production.

Turnkey Service

As a full-service white label softgel manufacturer, NutraPak USA handles every aspect of bringing a product from conception to the customer. While many startups struggle with getting the right systems and channels in place, brands that utilize the expertise of experienced manufacturers only need to focus on the branding aspect of selling their products. Full-scale white label manufacturing covers:

  • Product development
  • Product formulation
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality testing
  • Compliance
  • Marketing
  • Distribution and fulfillment
  • Storage and shipping

Of course, the nature of “white label” selling means that many small brands are actually in a position to sell essentially the same formulations as pricier brands. That’s because many well-known and celebrity-endorsed supplement and wellness brands are actually the products of white label manufacturing. As softgel manufacturers USA brands of all sizes trust, we know a thing or two about creating best-selling products that meet current customer trends. White labeling is simply the best way for a newer brand to get into the supplement space to compete!

Low Pricing

Price per unit can get out of control quickly when trying in-house or independent formulation. In fact, many supplement ideas are “undoable” once all of the numbers have been crunched based on the realities of this heavily regulated industry. When using a white label softgel manufacturer, brands get the advantage of a highly efficient, streamlined system that allows a manufacturer to produce large volumes. This leads to competitive pricing with quick turnaround times that can make a new supplement suddenly very doable for a young brand.

Is White Label Softgel Manufacturing Right for Your Business?

Generally, white label manufacturing is the most dynamic option for a small business that is just getting started, doesn’t need enormous quantities of products just yet, and doesn’t require custom formulation in order to find space in the market. White labeling is ideal for brands that are seeking to differentiate themselves using marketing messaging and branding instead of unique formulations. If you’re looking for a tailor-made product, private label manufacturing may be a better option. This generally works best for an experienced brand owner who is familiar with the supplement industry. Ultimately, most brands are going to be able to put out a better product when working with an outsourced softgel manufacturer. 

Find a White Label Softgel Manufacturer to Give Your Product Life

NutraPak has quickly become one of the softgel manufacturers USA brands trust because we produce all of our formulations in an FDA-approved, GMP-compliant facility in New Jersey. We provide our clients with the highest-quality raw materials, most potent formulations, and impeccable quality testing. This is exactly why so many best-selling brands at big-box stores around the country trust us to create their products for them. Contact us today for a quote.

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