December 17, 2023 by NutraPak USA

Are softgels right for your product line? When deciding if you should add softgels to your roster, having all the facts is important. Don’t let misconceptions about everything from stability to cost stop you from making the right choice. In this article, we debunk the big misconceptions all up-and-coming supplement brands need to know when designing their formulations.

What Are Softgels?

Also known as soft capsules, softgels are hermetically sealed capsules consisting of an animal-based or plant-based gelatin shell surrounding liquid content. As a highly stable delivery method, a soft capsule provides bioavailability and effectiveness that can’t be achieved with solid materials. In addition to offering better results and increased value for customers, soft capsules are also much easier to swallow compared to standard pills or capsules. One of the benefits of softgel capsules is that they make life easier for senior citizens, children, or people who have difficulty swallowing due to a medical condition.

Misconceptions About Softgels

Ready to debunk common myths about what is quickly becoming the American consumer’s favorite option? If you’re in the process of designing a supplement, getting as much information about different delivery methods for your ingredients as possible is important for enhancing your product’s market position. Here’s the truth about soft capsules.

Misconception #1: They Aren't as Liked as Tablets

Many supplement and pharmaceutical brands go with tablets because they assume that this format is what people “know.” While tablets do have the familiarity angle working for them, the truth is most customers prefer the soft, smooth design of capsules. The transparency of the softgel capsule also helps people feel confident in the freshness and potency of the product they are about to consume. Ultimately, soft capsules make a supplement feel like a high-end product.

Misconception #2: They Are Harder to Produce

Don’t make the mistake of believing that manufacturing a tablet is easier than manufacturing soft capsules. While a reputable contract manufacturer can certainly produce high-quality tablets for your company, it’s actually harder to produce uniform tablets than it is to create uniform soft capsules. One of the reasons why producing consistent quality with soft capsules is easier is that the lipid-based design of the soft capsule helps to preserve the bioavailability of molecules.

Misconception #3: They Aren't Stable

One widely repeated myth is that soft capsules cannot be safely used in all climates because of stability problems. In reality, soft capsules are sold and consumed all over the world without any issues. Contract manufacturers have the equipment and quality assurance (QA) measures needed to test soft capsules for all conditions. As a result, products that are produced can withstand humid, hot, and dry conditions without degrading. In fact, the sealed design of the soft capsules is better at preserving a formulation’s integrity compared to two-piece capsules or solids. The oxygen-resistant gelatin used in soft capsules is especially beneficial for formulations containing oxygen-sensitive ingredients.

Misconception #4: They Are More Expensive to Produce

In reality, manufacturing costs for soft capsules are comparable to other options. When products are being made on a contract basis, the large-scale production facility being used can efficiently produce retail-level quantities of soft capsules. The driving factor behind cost isn’t actually product type. The formulation of ingredients chosen is what truly determines cost. Once you get a quote for manufacturing soft capsules, it becomes clear that this option is priced very competitively with tablets, pills, and other capsules.

Bring the Benefits of Softgel Capsules to Your Brand

What are softgels good for in the supplement world? This option provides easy digestion, enhanced bioavailability for better absorption, and targeted dosages for safety in a hermetically sealed design that inspires confidence in consumers. NutraPak USA can help you explore production options that allow you to enjoy scaled, affordable contract manufacturing performed in a state-of-the-art facility in New Jersey. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of making softgel capsules for your supplement formulation.

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