May 12, 2022 by NutraPak USA

Softgels have become extremely popular in both the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries. If you are selling nutritional supplements, it’s worth learning about the benefits of softgel capsules as many of your customers are seeking nutritional supplements available as softgels.

What are Softgel Capsules?

Supplements are made using a variety of delivery systems to meet consumers’ needs and preferences. Capsules provide a convenient form that many people prefer. A wide variety of nutrients, medications, and supplements are created in capsule form. There are two primary types of capsules: hardshell and softgel capsules. Softgels have a soft, flexible shell that is suitable for liquid and semi-liquid substances.

Top Benefits of Softgel Capsules

The following are the top four benefits of softgel capsules for both manufacturers and consumers.

1. Softgels Are Fast-Acting

The gelatin shell of capsules, as well as vegetarian substitutes, is easy to digest. Active ingredients are quickly activated compared to tablets. This delivery system is especially effective for soluble substances that might otherwise be difficult for the body to absorb. Softgel capsules are one of the best ways to improve the bioavailability of many nutrients.

2. Softgels are Easy to Swallow

When people take supplements daily, comfort and convenience are important. Tablets, especially larger ones, are difficult for many people to swallow. Children and elderly people often find tablets especially challenging. Even hardshell capsules can be irritating to swallow. One of the most appealing benefits of softgel capsules is that they are easy for almost everyone to swallow.

3. Softgel Capsules are Tasteless

Many nutrients and medications have unpleasant tastes and odors. If a supplement has a bad taste, people are less likely to take it consistently. One of the benefits of softgel capsules is that the capsule shells mostly cover any unpleasant tastes and odors that may be present. This is one reason that many fish oil supplements are made into softgels. Masking unwanted flavors is especially helpful when giving supplements to children.

4. Softgels are Sealed and Tamper-Proof

Softgel capsules are hermetically sealed, which provides two significant benefits. Safety is a major concern with supplements. While tampering isn’t common, a few well-publicized cases have made consumers wary of consuming anything that’s not sealed and tamper-proof. Softgel capsules are hermetically sealed, making it almost impossible for anyone to pry them open to tampering with them. Of course, another benefit of sealing capsules is that oxygen can’t get in, giving them a longer shelf life. Ingredients such as fish oil, which can become rancid and toxic, are kept fresh.

The Advantages of Softgel Capsule Manufacturing

In order to provide your customers with the benefits of softgel capsules, you need a reliable way to manufacture softgels. The process requires specialized equipment and training. Many supplement sellers find it convenient to work with a reliable softgel capsule manufacturer. NutraPak USA is a private label supplement manufacturer that makes a variety of supplements, including softgels, tablets, and liquids. To learn more, contact us.

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