April 21, 2017 by NutraPak USA

Branded Private Label Health Supplements

Are you looking to get into the nutritional supplement industry? Do you have an existing supplement line and want to add another product to sell? Whichever situation you’re in, you can find a solution to both challenges by going with private label supplements. Private Labeling Health Supplements are basically supplements that are already formulated and can be labeled with your brand name.

Private Labeling Simply Explained

The private labeling process simply allows any company to build a product line without spending money on market research, formulation, ingredient sourcing and other barriers to market. Going with private label supplements is a shortcut to getting new products into the market. Companies can quickly test new products and expand their product line. New brands can be created in months, not years. And it is possible with Vitamin & Nutritional Supplements Fulfillment Solutions.

In the past, private label supplements were often seen as inferior to large brand names. But there isn’t much innovation in the nutritional supplement industry, so the quality of many products have caught up to the big brands. In some cases, it’s often the bigger brands that fall short in quality. In fact, there have been consumer reports that have found big brands to fall short in terms of quality and potency of their products. Some have been shown to be no better than private label supplements.

Perfect for Brand and Marketing Focused Companies

Private label supplements are perfect for companies that excel in branding and marketing. While most companies will not have the retail relationships and exposure that larger brands have, they can still bring in a large number of sales with the right branding and the right mediums like digital marketing. The challenge of manufacturing, storage, shipping and other product related issues can be relegated to the manufacturer.

When companies do a good job with their branding and marketing, they can win over customers that usually shop with well-known brands. In fact, they can even sell at higher price points by creating a higher perceived value for their vitamin & nutritional supplements. It often helps to distinguish private label supplements with customization so that their products stand out from the others in the marketplace.

Working with the Right Manufacturer is Key

Working with the right Private Label Health Supplements manufacturer is vital if you plan on going with private label supplements. A reliable manufacturer will source ingredients from proven and established suppliers. That will ensure that the potency, purity and quality of your products are consistent. In many cases, you can formulate a product that’s better than the ones sold by bigger brands.

The right manufacturer will also make it easy to sell private label supplements. They will also take care of supplement quality control. You want to work with a manufacturer that is flexible with order sizes and offers affordable pricing. You may have to test out your private label products in small batches to see if it sells to your customer base. You also will want flexibility so that you can adjust your orders according to changing demands without losing big on your profit margins.

NutraPak USA is a leading private label health supplement manufacturer, and can help you develop your own customized private label supplements and more. We are known for our dedication to sourcing high quality ingredients, flexible orders, affordable pricing and advanced storage and packaging solutions. Contact us today to learn about our private label options and how we’ve helped other companies expand their product line.

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