May 23, 2017 by NutraPak USA

Five Benefits of Vitamin Private Labeling in the US

With the supplement industry growing every year, you want to keep pace and be able to launch more of your products into the marketplace. While you can invest in supplement formulation, an easy solution can be found in vitamin private labeling. Vitamin private labeling is when you simply work with a manufacturer that already has an existing formulation and label the product with your own brand. Here are five benefits of vitamin private labeling in the US.

1. You Expand Your Brand’s Reach

Vitamin private labeling allows you to expand your brand’s reach. If your brand is only known for specific products, why not expand your line with vitamins? A large number of consumers purchase vitamin supplements from brand they’re not familiar with or have heard of. If you’ve already have an existing relationship with your customers, then they have a reason to purchase vitamins from you. This is more the case if you can differentiate your vitamins from the others in the marketplace.

2. You Save Money on Product Development

As mentioned earlier, the cost of formulating your own supplement is high. You’ll need to work with an expert, hire a lab to run tests and try out multiple iterations until you feel that it’s perfect. Vitamin private labeling has all that already taken care of. A reliable Private Label Nutrition Supplement Manufacturer will have already spent the money on everything and will even show you existing products in the marketplace under that formulation.

3. It Allows Your Business to Stay Lean

A lean business model is a strategy that eliminates waste in resources while hitting your goals. The whole process of sourcing ingredients, hiring a printer to take care of your labeling, lab testing your products, fulfilling/shipping orders and other tasks can really eat up a lot of your resources. By working with private label vitamin companies that offer vitamin private labeling, you can focus on the branding, marketing and management of your

4. Get an Idea of What Products Sell

By working with a good eco friendly vitamin packaging manufacturer, , you’ll get an idea of what products are selling for other companies that are also taking part in vitamin private labeling. This can save you a lot of time and money if you don’t have much information on the products you’re interested in selling. It can also help you pick winning products if you’re simply looking for products that can be a worthwhile addition to your product line.

5. It Helps Automate Your Business

With vitamin private labeling, you’ll probably be working with a manufacturer that takes care of more than just the production. Along with vitamin private labeling, the manufacturer can also act as a drop shipper, storage facility, product label printer and even marketing expert. For instance, at NutraPak USA, we help our clients get their labels properly designed (to stand out and be within regulatory guidelines) and selling in Amazon.

If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer that offers more than standard vitamin private labeling services, you can rely on NutraPak. Contact us or call us today to learn about all the options we have available.

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