April 21, 2017 by NutraPak USA

Where do Supplement Companies get their Ingredients

Are you thinking of breaking into the nutritional supplement industry? While there is a large number of topics that can be covered about getting into the industry, the two important ones to go over is ingredient sourcing and supplement manufacturing. This is because these are the first two challenges you’ll come across after you’ve decided on which product(s) that you want to bring to market. Ingredient sourcing and supplement manufacturing will serve the foundation for the success of your supplement business.

The Challenges of Ingredient Sourcing

Ingredient sourcing seems simple enough. You find suppliers and you get a sample of their products. The most important thing here will obviously be the quality of the ingredients. If the suppliers can attest for that, it seems that you can move to the next step of manufacturing. The truth of the matter is that there are many problems along the way that can hurt your business.

For example, the quality of the supplier’s ingredients can decline after some time. When this happens, you’ll have to try to resolve a dispute with the supplier or look for a new one altogether. This can hurt your manufacturing process. Some suppliers may even work out in the beginning but may not be able to deliver the volume you need. Another challenge of ingredient sourcing is that you’ll need to constantly lab test the ingredients for potency, quality and contaminants.

The Challenges of Supplement Manufacturing

If you’ve handled the ingredient sourcing, you’ll eventually move on to supplement manufacturing. How to sell supplements on amazon with manufacturing can become difficult and costly if done wrong?. First, you’ll have to formulate your product. This process is very complex and you’ll have to work with experts to come up with a strong formulation. The selection of ingredients and the amounts are very important to the effectiveness of your product.

Next there’s the actual supplement manufacturing process. If you’re starting out, you’ll most likely work with a manufacturing company to take care of this for you. The problem here is that it’s hard to find a reliable manufacturer. You want to work with a company has GMP compliant facilities which indicates that it falls under regulatory standards. It’s estimated that a third of manufacturing facilities are not compliant.

The issues becomes more complex than that. You want to the ingredient sourcing and supplement manufacturing to be handled with care. That means that ingredient sourcing solutions company you work with follows consistent ingredient sourcing methods where the ingredients come from reliable sources and are tested regularly. You want the company to also take care of supplement manufacturing in a facility that protects your products from oxidative, heat and water damage.

Finding a US based company that meets all the criteria and delivers on quality is difficult. That’s where NutraPak USA comes in. We are a dietary supplement manufacturer based in the USA that operates in GMP compliant facilities. We have established relationships with the best ingredient suppliers and test our ingredients regularly. Contact us to learn more about our entire process.

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