February 6, 2018 by NutraPak USA

Find a US Based Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

Whether you’re looking to formulate a new product, outsource production or any other dietary supplement manufacturing requirements, you’re going to need a reliable dietary supplement manufacturer. While there are many choices you have when choosing a dietary supplement manufacturer, you should strongly consider choosing a US based company. This is especially the case if you are a Western based company

Why Choose a US Based Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

The first reason to choose a US based dietary supplement manufacturer is transparency. With US based health supplement manufacturers, you can simply fly over a couple of hours to visit their production facility. You can account for quality control, safety and proper management of your products in person. With an international based liquid dietary supplement manufacturer, it’s harder to check in on progress and quality standards regularly.

The second reason is location. If you are selling a product in the United States, Canada or Europe, making sure your dietary supplement manufacturer is in a prime location is critical. The US is a big market, so working with a dietary supplement manufacturer that is in the country will allow you to ship out to your customers quickly. The shipping costs will also be far more affordable than going overseas.
The third reason is order size. An international based dietary supplement manufacturer may require a big commitment because they want to secure the client. They understand that clients come and go, so they need to secure as much profit as they can from new international clients. You’ll find that a trustworthy US based dietary supplement manufacturer will be more than happy to give you small minimum and work with you develop a strong long term relationship.The final reason is that there is a lot of clarity about supplement manufacturing standards. If it’s a reputable company, you’ll find that they will be clear about their ingredient sourcing, type of facility (organic, non GMO, non allergen, etc.), and facility operation certifications. Reputable manufacturers will even do regular batch testing to ensure your products are potent and pure.

Why Choose Nutrapak as Your Go-to Dietary Supplement Manufacturer?

1. We are a US based dietary supplement manufacturer located in Clifton, New Jersey. We’ve produced products and offer services to companies that have products on the shelves of Walmart, Walgreens, Duane Reade and CVS. Our facility is capable of large orders and we are transparent about every part of our process because we are confident about the services we provide.
2. As a dietary supplement manufacturer, we know that companies have different challenges. That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions from dropshipping, inventory storage, Amazon marketing, and private labeling services. We have solutions for companies of all sizes. Many companies rely on us to take care of almost every aspect of their business.
3. We are more than a dietary supplement manufacturer that offers private label services. We can also provide raw material sourcing and R & D services to help you develop your own product. We have a state of the art manufacturing facility and testing lab with the latest technology to help you come up with new products.
If you’re looking for a reliable dietary supplement manufacturer or a hemp oil manufacturer contact us today.

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