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Second only to formulation, quality control is the most important aspect of supplement creation. Wellness brands stake their reputations on the safety and quality of their products. When selecting a white label or private label softgel manufacturer, supplement quality control needs to be at the forefront of the conversation. Too many outsourced supplement manufacturers cut corners because it’s not their name on the label! 

NutraPak USA specializes in top-tier softgel manufacturing. Located in New Jersey, our state-of-the-art production facility provides an FDA-approved, GMP-compliant setting where your supplements can be made with care under the supervision of production specialists, formulators, and food scientists. Here’s a look at the importance of quality control when bringing your supplement or wellness product to the market. 

What Is Quality Control in the Supplement Industry?

Supplement quality control refers to the process of testing and verifying ingredients, safety, and potency levels of supplement products before releasing them for sale. Here at NutraPak USA, our team follows a Prime Quality Assurance methodology that allows us to ensure the quality and consistency of every batch. It also ensures that every finished product meets or exceeds the standards of the client. That means better, fresher products that help your brand to find its place in the market without controversy. Here’s a peek at the process!

Raw Material Evaluation and Testing

NutraPak suppliers participate in a Supplier Qualification Program that verifies regulatory compliance, quality control, and other factors related to our raw ingredients. Using this system, we are able to guarantee the freshness, potency, and purity of finished supplements. In addition to holding vendors and suppliers to the highest standards, we also conduct laboratory testing by in-house chemists to verify that each final product meets our rigorous standards for consistency and quality.

During our supplement quality control process, our chemists deconstruct each supplement to verify that the listed ingredients match the actual composition. This is done using a dissolution/disintegration process that stimulates the body’s own digestive environment. We test to verify that:

  • A product is readily absorbable by the body.
  • A product demonstrates microbiological purity.
  • There are no traces of contamination.
  • No genetically modified organisms are detected if a product is labeled as GMO-free.

Our team brings decades of experience in supplement science to every batch! What’s more, we operate a state-of-the-art production and testing facility equipped to quickly and thoroughly test every product. Our reporting standards ensure that you have down-to-the-molecule information about the product you’re about to put your name on.


While many run-of-the-mill softgel manufacturers end quality control once a product has been packaged, packaging is just another part of NutraPak USA’s comprehensive quality control cycle. Our quality assurance (QA) department constantly monitors packaging to confirm product integrity and label accuracy. Additionally, tests are conducted to confirm air and water purity levels. 

The Role of Quality Control in Softgel Manufacturing

 Supplement quality control plays an enormous role in softgel manufacturing. If you’re new to the supplement industry, you may be busily focusing on the branding and sales-funnel angles of getting a product to market. That’s precisely why you’re entrusting the formulation and production of your upcoming product to a white label softgel manufacturer. Quality control serves the following functions in softgel manufacturing:

  • Providing the freshest supplement products possible.
  • Protecting supplements from bacteria.
  • Preserving potency by reducing air exposure.
  • Ensuring safety by keeping supplements safe from contamination.
  • Prolonging the shelf life of products.
  • Ensuring an attractive taste and smell for customers.

Of course, supplement quality control also ensures that there’s “truth in advertising” when it comes to a product’s label. When potency and quality are not verified, a customer may be getting a different product compared to what’s listed on the label. This can result in everything from negative reviews to fines from state or federal agencies tasked with regulating food products and consumer goods. 

Supplement quality control can look different depending on whether you’re utilizing white label or private label manufacturing. When seeking a white label manufacturer for your supplement product, quality control will be done according to internal standards because you’re simply placing your own label on a premade, fixed formulation. When using private labeling for supplements, you’ll play a bigger role in quality control because the formulation for each batch will be made according to your standards.

Find a Softgel Manufacturer Prioritizing Quality Control

Supplement quality control protects customers, brands, and the reputation of the supplement industry. That’s why it’s a tragedy when third-party supplement manufacturers don’t prioritize quality control. What’s more, many rely on the naivety of the brands coming to them for white label supplements to cut corners when it comes to testing batches for benchmarks of quality and safety.

When you work with NutraPak USA, quality control will be at the forefront of the conversation from the start. We’re fully transparent about our processes because we take the fact that we’re putting your name on the label seriously. Let us solve your manufacturing problem by getting your supplements made according to the strictest supplement quality control standards in the country. Contact NutraPak USA today for a private label softgel or white label softgel quote. 

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