December 1, 2017 by NutraPak USA

Are you looking to expand your supplement product line? If so, softgel contract manufacturing is an area that you should look at. There are many products that are popular for softgel contract manufacturing and liquid contract manufacturing. Some of the most popular products for the private label liquid supplements manufacturing category includes MCT oil, coconut oil, vitamin D3 and fish oils, just to name a few top sellers.

Softgel Contract Manufacturing Requires Proper Care

If you’ve decided to start selling products that require a softgel contract manufacturing or liquid contract manufacturing deal, you need to be wary about who you work with. There are numerous cases of softgel contract manufacturing orders where the softgel ended up sticking together, leaking, or simply losing its potency. You need to work with an experienced and reliable private label liquid vitamins manufacturing company if you want to ensure a high quality product.
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Liquid Contract Manufacturing is Another Area to Consider

Another area of supplements that many companies have not explored yet is liquid supplements. With the right liquid contract manufacturing partner, you can market products like liquid multi-vitamins, liposomal glutathione, flaxseed oil, and sublingual vitamin B-complex. These private label manufacturer’s supplements are popular in liquid form due to many consumers having absorbability issues. Again the right liquid contract manufacturing is essential for a quality product.

What Qualities Reflect a Good Softgel and Liquid Contract Manufacturing Company?

First, the softgel and liquid contract manufacturing partner should understand the product you’re planning to market. For example, vitamin D softgels have a tendency to stick together if not packaged properly. It requires a bottle that protects it from heat. Other products like fish oil will need to be stored in cool temperatures to preserve the potency and shelf life of the product There are other things that the softgel or liquid contract manufacturing partner should know about a wide range of products.
Second, the liquid or softgel contract manufacturing partner will need to have good shipping logistics. If you are planning to dropship, you’ll want to go with a liquid or softgel contract manufacturing that offers this service to save money. You’ll want to see if they offer inventory storage and can deliver your order to your facilities in a timely manner if necessary.
Finally, quality control is of utmost importance if you want customers coming back to buy your product. The liquid vitamin manufacturer should have strict quality control protocols in place. They should regularly test batches, regularly test the source material, operate in a proper facility and have a reliable system for product packaging.

Softgel Private Labeling and Liquid Private Labeling Makes It Easier

Getting your product to market becomes far easier if the manufacturer already offers a softgel private labeling or liquid private labeling service. All you have to do is print your brand and product label on to their product. With softgel private labeling and liquid private labeling, you can quickly test products without spending a small fortune on product development.

Softgel private labeling and liquid private labeling can help you catch up with your competitors and get you to market very quickly. Many liquid vitamin manufacturers will give a strong overview of which softgel private labeling and liquid private labeling opportunities to pay attention to as well, so you’ll be able to capitalize on the products that are in demand.

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