January 20, 2016 by NutraPak USA

NutraPak USA, a leading Supplement Manufacturer is proud to announce our new Clifton, NJ manufacturing and packaging facility is now operational for private label supplements.

We as a Contract Vitamin Manufacturer in the USA and we help supplement companies of different sizes with the following services: 

End-to-end Support for Amazon Sellers:

The team of NutraPak USA helps start-ups offer products on Amazon, including vitamins and dietary wellness products from private labels. They learn how to use warehousing and customer delivery service (FBA) from Amazon. Their patented marketing software makes it possible to continue distributing products to buyers worldwide.

Private Labeling:

We are one of the top private label supplement manufacturers that provide consumers with in-depth R&D, quality management monitoring, and sample review, NutraPak USA hires highly qualified laboratory scientists and formulators to create private label supplements. Together with large volume capability, highly effective, standardized processes allow the business to deliver low prices and quick turnaround times.

Turn-Key Brand Promotion:

NutraPack USA offers customized promotion, packaging design & graphics, labeling, delivery, and other business development tools, unlike other supplement manufacturers, to help the marketer create, invent, produce, market and distribute its products. Product storage and shipping are also done by NutraPak USA, making fulfillment fast.

Contract Manufacturing:

For measuring, loading, capping and sealing softgels, capsules , tablets and liquids, as well as pouches and blister packs, NutraPak USA utilizes its high-speed equipment and new packaging technologies. Label formation, printing, label implementation, shrink wrapping, and outer packaging are all done by the company. State-of-the-art procedures aim to maintain longer shelf lives to avoid deterioration to damage, including safer, impact-resistant bottles and nitrogen habitats. Plus, the full-green alternative of NutraPak USA provides customers with a clear marketing benefit for environmentally-conscious consumers.

Premiere Quality Assurance:

The new facility of NutraPak USA employs rigid quality requirements, including stringent content processing, quality management laboratory testing, environmental compliance, product safety packaging QA, and occasional 3rd-party review. Using active ingredient assays, dissolution/disintegration processes, bio-absorbability digestion modeling, microbiological purity checking, and GMO checking, they also go the extra mile to ensure freshness, potency, and conformity with both consumer requirements and product statements.

Contact us for more information about Nutritional Supplement Manufacturing and how we can help grow your business & your brand.

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