November 29, 2021 by NutraPak USA

Sports Nutrition Supplement Manufacturer in US

NutraPak USA, a leading U.S. packager of nutritional supplements, has announced today a major investment into the sports nutrition category. According to Brandon Miller, President of NutraPak USA, “as growth in the sports nutrition segment outpaces traditional vitamins and minerals, NutraPak USA has invested in new, state-of-the-art production lines for large jars, packers and canisters to meet the needs of this image-conscious market.” They also carry a full line of private label sports nutrition supplements including whey protein, pre-workout powders, and recovery health vitamins.

The company now offers the most complete line of large indented PET packers in the industry, including sizes from 1500cc (48oz) to 6250cc (1.6 gallons) with several gram weight options and consumer-friendly powder scoop designs for ease of use and reduced mess. NutraPak USA also has the industry’s lowest minimum order quantities, including for custom colors, shapes and sizes. Innovative Sports Nutrition packaging with custom-design labeling reflects an awareness that sports nutrition products are examples of “on show” products left on display by consumers.

NutraPak USA sources its ingredients from around the world emphasizing high product quality and consistency, produced in accordance with HACCP, GMP, USDA Organic and ISO 9001 certifications. The company provides quality private labeling services for softgels, gelcaps, caplets, tablets and capsules in plastic bottles, blister packs or pouches, and liquids in glass or plastic bottles or tinctures, utilizing a wide variety of caps, pumps, droppers, and seals. They’re known for their high level of customer care and extremely competitive pricing for private label retailers and contract manufacturers in the United States and overseas.

NutraPak USA, now also one of the leading sports nutrition manufacturers, is strongly committed to providing its customers with green, eco-friendly, sustainable packaging. Their fully-green option gives clients a strong marketing advantage with environmentally-conscious consumers.

The company offers a comprehensive program of services, turnkey solutions, and client support that exceeds industry standards. Their product development team can provide customized, proprietary formulations designed specifically to meet the needs of their customers and their customers’ methods of distribution. NutraPak USA’s vertically integrated Sports Nutrition & Wellness manufacturing and packaging process allows them to schedule flexible production runs to respond quickly to shifting market conditions and new consumer demand.

In addition to servicing the largest brand marketers and retail chains, NutraPak USA has a strong commitment to assisting startups with small runs, full package design services, selling supplements on amazon, and one-stop shopping to quickly and competitively launch new products. They are also the go-to provider for the burgeoning pet supplement market.

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