May 23, 2017 by NutraPak USA

Finding a Nutraceutical Private Labeling Partner Located in the US

Private Label Supplement Manufacturers with Small or Low Minimums

One of the biggest growing sectors of the nutritional supplement industry are nutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals are supplements that are based on foods that support health. It makes sense to get into nutraceutical private labeling if you want to start offering in-demand products like resveratrol and probiotics to your customers. A growing number of older consumers are supporting their health with these kinds of products, so it’s worthwhile to research which products are right for your brand and to seek out various nutraceutical private labeling options.

Whole Foods Trend Lead Nutraceutical Market

According to Nutraceuticals World, whole food supplements were one the fastest growing supplements in 2014. A growing number of consumers believe that nutrients from natural foods can support their health than “miracle” supplements. Nutraceutical private labeling for supplements like green tea, goji berries and whole food vitamins can offer great opportunities for companies wanting to add to their product line. Nutraceutical private labeling, however, many not make sense for trendy drinks like noni and mangosteen as they’ve started to become less popular.

Consumers Want More All-Natural Products

Another strong reason to seek nutraceutical private labeling solutions is because of the changing demands of consumers. A growing number of consumers are worried about the products that they’re taking. That’s why they are looking for nutraceuticals that are 100% natural. More consumers are also looking for organic private label supplements and non-GMO supplements. This is obviously attributed to the surmounting news stories and articles about the dangers of GMO foods and the chemicals found in non-organic foods.

Herbs are Becoming More Popular

A driving force in supplement sales are natural herbs. For example, sales of products like green tea extract, sleep aid herbs, circulation improving herbs and memory boosting herbs are growing. The great thing about nutraceutical private labeling these kinds of products is that they are fairly inexpensive to produce. They also contain ingredients that are widely known as safe which pose an advantage over pharmaceutical products that come with many negative side effects.

Quality Is Vital to Nutraceutical Private Labeling

Because of these growing trends, private nutraceutical manufacturing poses a great opportunity for companies that want to start offering naturally derived supplements. However, quality is vital when it comes to nutraceutical private labeling. Consumers are serious about non-GMO and organic products, so if you plan on offering products that are non-GMO and organic, you must deliver. Consumers groups testing your product and finding that lab results don’t match your promises can damage your business.

For this reason, it’s important to work with a reputable dietary supplements manufacture when going down the nutraceutical private labeling route. The quality of ingredients plays a large role in the potency of these products. Since these products are food derived, you need fresh ingredients to ensure that they have long shelf lives as well. As a part of the Nutraceutical Order Fulfillment Service, The manufacturer should also conduct regular testing to ensure that their ingredients are non-GMO or organic if your nutraceutical private labeling contract asks for that.

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