January 4, 2017 by NutraPak USA

Where to Find a Reputable Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturer in the US

The Nutrition Business Journal reports that supplement sales resulted in $36.7 in the U.S. alone and the numbers are forecasted to go up each coming year. That signals that there is a lot of opportunity to get into this wide consumer market, especially in the area of nutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals are a growing market as they are naturally derived from food or food products as opposed to synthetic or pharmaceutic products.

Why Consumers are Buying Nutraceuticals

One of the emerging trends in consumer behavior is the rising demand for nutraceuticals. The reason is because consumers are growing more distrusting of products from the pharmaceutical industry as well as products that are low quality synthetic replicas. Consumers want potent and natural products that are not ridden with chemicals that can damage their health. NutraPakUSA is one of the top nutraceutical contract manufacturers in the US and can help you create, manufacture, and distribute your very own nutraceutical product.

Why We’re Different From Other Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturers

As one of the most reputable nutraceutical contract manufacturers, we can help you through supplement private labeling. There are many ready to go products that have been proven to sell such as resveratrol, royal jelly and probiotics. Instead of investing your budget on formulation, you can pick a product well that is selling in the marketplace and fits in your product line. Being a leading dietary supplements contract manufacturing company, we’ll even help you customize the product and label the line under your brand. Unlike other nutraceutical contract manufacturers, we are flexible with order sizes. We have fast turnaround times due to our streamlined system and large volume capabilities. Our packaging and bottling method ensures longer shelf life and protects your products from shipping damage. And because we are an established contract manufacturer, we offer competitive pricing.

Nutrapak is All About Quality Unlike Other Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturers in the USA

As you know, consumers buying nutraceuticals are looking for natural, high quality products. We understand the wants of the consumers and the needs of our clients to satisfy our customers. That’s we have a strict quality assurance program. Our labs check for microbiological purity, test for contamination, ensure high absorbability, and the ingredients undergo GMO testing. This is how we keep our ingredient suppliers in check and our clients happy. And also has made us one of the top contract liquid filling companies. We are also based in the US which means that you can depend on us to deliver on the product quality you’d expect unlike overseas nutraceutical contract manufacturers. In fact, our headquarters is located in Clifton, NJ just a few miles away from New York City. We have many clients that have products distributed to nationwide retailers and they’ve stuck with us instead of going to other hemp oil & nutraceutical manufacturers due to our devotion to quality and customer satisfaction.

It’s Time to Start Marketing Nutraceuticals

Consumers are not buying nutraceuticals just to treat their ailments and diseases, they are consuming them as preventive supplements. Consumers are taking the initiative with their health and are engaged with the alternative and natural health movement. If you want your brand to be one that reflects quality, you need to work with the right nutraceutical contract manufacturers. Consumers are educated enough to differentiate between top quality products and low quality products

You can’t depend on random nutraceutical contract manufacturers to produce your product. If you work with nutraceutical contract manufacturers that only care about profit, you’ll end up with a bad product and damage your reputation in the marketplace. You need to work with one that cares about quality, keeps suppliers in check, and can help you build your business. Let us show you why our clients work with us over other nutraceutical contract manufacturers. Contact us today.

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