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US Based Manufacturer Supplier and Wholesaler of MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oils
One of the latest and in demand supplements in the market is MCT oil. Consumers are using MCT oil for ketogenic diets, more energy, and low carb/high fat diets. But if you’re looking to jump on this trend and want to purchase MCT oil for ketogenic diets, you need to make sure that you work with a quality MCT oil manufacturer. Working with a good MCT oil supplier will result in a better product which will result in more repeat orders, stronger customer reviews, and more vendors willing to sell your supplement.

Why MCT Oil in the First Place?

Why purchase MCT bulk oil and add this product to your supplement line? People are using it in diets to actually burn fat despite it being a fat itself. The reason this MaMedium Chain Triglycerides Oils works in this manner is because they are easily digested and are strong replacements for high carb diets. It’s also a popular white label supplement for those on a ketogenic diet or individuals partaking in intermittent fasting.

The Difference a Quality MCT Oil Supplier Makes

While there are many different choices you have available to you when it comes to purchasing MCT bulk oil, not all of them are equal. There are several advantages that a reliable MCT oil manufacturer can offer. 

1. A good MCT oil manufacturer can offer variety in flavors. It might be a mistake to sell MCT bulk oil as is. Some consumers are looking for a product that is more palatable. This is especially the case for those that are in transition to using the product regularly.
2. A good MCT oil manufacturer will source MCT bulk oil from green sources. For example, a good source of MCT oil is coconuts. However, some companies derive their MCT bulk oil from palm oil which is very unsustainable. Many consumers that are purchasing this product are well educated about ingredient sourcing.
3. A good MCT oil manufacturer simply produces better MCT bulk oil. They MCT bulk oil is made from sources that make it easier for consumers to absorb or digest. This is an important factor as repeat orders will come from a product that works. Customers will also spread the word on large eCommerce sites like Amazon, leading to stronger sales all across the board.
4. A good MCT oil manufacturer produces the MCT bulk oil in a well run facility. Icelandirect has a lot of experience working with fish oil and understands all the small details like checking for heavy metals, producing with a low heat process, preventing cross contamination, and testing batches.
5. A good MCT oil manufacturer will help you with labeling to help your product stand out in the marketplace. The difference between products that sell and products that struggle is often the label. You need to create the perception that your product is unique and has an advantage over similar products.

Final Thoughts on MCT Oil

Those are some of the things you need to look for in a MCT oil manufacturer. It’s not always the right idea to go with the cheapest MCT bulk oil package. You want to work with a vitamin supplements manufacturer that produces a quality product and can help your product succeed in the marketplace.

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