November 18, 2020 by NutraPak USA

Is Lecithin good for your Health?

Lecitihin is a fat that is found naturally in your body and is also found in many foods including eggs, red meat, sea food, broccoli, and legumes. Most people probably won’t be aware of lecithin, but lecithin is actually in many medicines, beauty and food products.
The reason why lecithin is found in medicine and food products is because it is used as an emulsifier. It is used to keep the fats from mixing with other ingredients. If you look at your protein powder or snack bar, you may learn that lecitihin is in the ingredient list. Soy lecithin, in particular, is used in many food products.
Normally, lecithin isn’t a supplement that’s taken by consumers. However, lecithin does provide some health benefits. It is known to help raise good cholesterol (HDL) while reducing bad cholesterol (LDL). It is also been found to be helpful for digestion.
Lecithin is a great source of choline. Choline contributes to many different functions in your body from supporting cell structure, helping with metabolismsynthesizing DNA, to maintaining a healthy nervous system. It is an all-around compound that is essential for many functions.

Lecithin supplements are usually made out of eggs, soy, and sunflowers. For people that are sensitive to eggs or soy, sunflower lecithin supplements are readily available. They are very affordable and sold as 1000 to 1500 mg softgels. The side effects of lecithin are also very mild and it is well tolerated by most people.

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