November 18, 2020 by NutraPak USA

What does Omega 3 Krill Oil do for you?

Fish oil has become a staple supplement for a long time. But consumer tastes are changing and more people are starting to prefer krill oil. Krill oil is relatively new compared to the generic fish oil supplements in the market. It offers some unique benefits that cannot be found in most fish oil
Krills are small crustaceans that are similar to shrimp. What’s unique about them is the fact that they contain high levels of astaxanthin. It’s a powerful antioxidant that has many health benefits. Studies have shown it to help lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. This makes it the perfect supportive ingredient to fish oil.
And while fish oil has been known to have anti-inflammatory properties, krill oil may be even more effective at dealing with inflammation than other fish oil supplements. Studies have shown that even lower amounts of krill oil did a better job at reducing inflammation compared to the average fish oil dosage.
Another reason why some people prefer krill oil is because they know where the fish oil source comes from. With many fish oils, there isn’t much information on what type of fish and sea creatures were used. You know exactly what you are getting with krill oil.

While all these things make krill oil a good choice, it is more expensive than the average fish oil supplement. Those that are looking strictly for the astaxanthin can purchase separate astaxanthin supplements. But those that want to replace their existing fish oil supplements with a better product should consider krill oil.

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