November 18, 2020 by NutraPak USA

What is a Good Biotin Supplement?

Biotin is a vitamin that belongs in the vitamin B family. You can often find it included in many multi-vitamin formulas as B7. It isn’t a supplement that many people think of taking as biotin deficiency is very rare. You can find biotin in many staple foods such as eggs, mushrooms, banana, legumes, and more.

The reason why biotin gets a lot of attention is its benefits to skin, hair, and nails. It’s often marketed in hair care products and supplements to help with hair growth and prevent hair loss. While many ingredients are marketed to help with hair, biotin has actually been proven to regrow hair and prevent excess hair loss.

As such, biotin is often in many hair vitamin products. It is combined with other ingredients such as vitamin B-12, vitamin Dvitamin Apantothenic acidzinc, and inositol. Despite biotin being beneficial to hair, some people may not see a significant difference when it comes to regrowing or preventing hair loss. Hair loss is a complicated condition that can be attributed to many causes.

Biotin is also sold as the main ingredient in many hair growth supplements for people that want to grow longer hair. Many of these supplements have been shown to work for many consumers. While biotin is very safe, you can still take too much of the vitamin. Taking too much biotin may manifest as skin rashes, digestive problems, and in some rare cases, kidney issues. This is important to mention this since biotin is well tolerated and because normally isn’t any recommended dosages for biotin.

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