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Starting and managing a supplement business involves many moving parts if you do it on your own. You need to deal with manufacturing, compliance with safety and quality control regulations, shipping, customer service, and supplement marketing. If you don’t have the facilities, funding, and expertise to set up your own operation, you are better off with a turnkey marketing solution. In this article, we’ll explore what turnkey marketing is and how it can help run a more profitable supplement business.

What is Turnkey Marketing?

In business, a turnkey system is one where all aspects of the operation are handled by a service provider. A similar term that’s sometimes used is “business in a box.” when it comes to supplement marketing and manufacturing, a turnkey solution includes services such as the actual manufacturing of supplements, warehousing, shipping, and customer service.

How Turnkey Marketing Can Help Your Supplement Business

Whether you already have a supplement business or are planning to start one, turnkey marketing is a strategy well worth considering. The following are some of the main services and benefits you get with turnkey marketing.

Customized Branding

With supplement marketing, it’s important to build a distinctive brand to attract loyal customers. Many supplement manufacturers offer private labeling, that lets you put your brand and logo on products. You can arrange to have your brand’s designs and graphics on everything, including labels and packaging.

Product Storage

Storing products is another important aspect of turnkey marketing. Storing supplements and supplies requires a large space. Many ingredients require specialized care, such as storage at certain temperatures. A turnkey service handles storage for you, storing ingredients and supplements according to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations.

Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance

Nutritional supplements are subject to a variety of regulations. Facilities, where products are stored and manufactured, need to meet certain safety and quality standards. All materials used must be tested for purity and freshness. Maintaining your own quality control standards requires expert staff or using independent services. Turnkey marketing with a trustworthy manufacturer gives you the assurance that all standards will be met.

Order Fulfillment 

Finding a turnkey marketing solution that offers fulfillment services can make it much easier to run your supplement business. Packing and shipping products is a complicated and time-consuming task. When you use a turnkey marketing service, products will be efficiently and professionally packaged. As noted above, this can also include customized labeling and packaging for your brand. This service usually goes with product storage, as the manufacturer can ship products directly from their facility.

Supplement Marketing

Supplement marketing is an essential part of running a successful business. A turnkey marketing solution can help you build your business faster. Rather than conducting marketing campaigns through trial and error, you can take advantage of the experience of industry professionals.

To get the best results from your business, you should expect to handle some aspects of marketing yourself. The advantage of using turnkey supplement marketing is that it provides you with more time to grow your business. You can use this to explore marketing strategies such as advertising, content creation, and social media.

What to Look For With Turnkey Marketing

Supplement marketing is a huge industry. There are many supplement manufacturers, each offering their own services. It’s important to do your research and find a company that meets your needs. The following are some key points to consider when comparing your options.

  • Types of supplements available – Depending on your customers’ needs, you may need someone to manufacture vitamins, protein supplements, pet supplements, fish oil, or other products. You must find a manufacturer that is able to make the products you need.
  • Delivery system – Do you want to sell tablets, softgels, liquids, or other types of delivery systems? Not all manufacturers are able to create products in all delivery systems.
  • Private labeling – If you want to sell supplements under your own brand name, look for a turnkey marketing service that offers private labeling.
  • Certifications – Depending on the supplements you are selling, you will want the manufacturer to have the appropriate certifications. cGMP is something to look for, as it ensures compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice. There are also more specialized certifications, such as GOED for Global Organization for EPA & DHA omega-3s.

A Turnkey Supplement Marketing Solution

Supplement marketing and manufacturing is a demanding process. Using the right turnkey marketing solution makes it much easier to start, manage, and grow a supplement business. NutraPak USA offers turnkey marketing for a variety of quality supplements. We can handle aspects of your operation, including manufacturing, warehousing, and order fulfillment. To learn more about our services, contact us.

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