September 6, 2017 by NutraPak USA

Dietary Quality Supplement Warehouse With Fulfillment Services Agreement

NutraPak USA is a supplement manufacturing company based in the US. While we have primarily been known for our high quality supplement manufacturing services, we are now expanding our services to supplement warehousing, supplement logistics and private label supplement fulfillment. The combination of these services allow our clients to outsource every aspect of their business and focus on their marketing, management and growth.

What to Expect from Our Supplement Manufacturing Services

NutraPak is no ordinary Health Supplement Manufacturing company. We offer a wide variety of products from gelcaps, softgels, tablets, to capsules. We also offer many different packaging options including blister packs, plastic bottles, pouches, glass containers, and more. These comprehensive supplement manufacturing options means that our clients do not have to worry about making compromises in their products.

The real value of our nutritional supplement contract manufacturing lies in the capabilities of our facility.  We test raw materials, run GMO testing, and even conduct analysis by High Performance Liquid Chromatography before and after the supplement manufacturing. We have a high quality supplement manufacturing facility and process that guarantees that your customers gets a consistent product throughout their life cycle.

Aside from our supplement manufacturing, we also offer private labeling services. This allows businesses to skip the challenging aspects of supplement manufacturing like R&D, labeling and testing. You can use our existing private label formulations to bring new products to market and expand your product line.

Why Supplement Warehousing Is a Much Needed Solution for Businesses

One of the things that supplement businesses don’t think about is supplement warehousing. New businesses will need supplement warehousing solution to avoid spending their capital on a lease for inventory space. Established businesses that want to scale efficiently can use our supplement warehousing services. They can easily find their own supplement warehousing solutions once their growth has stabilized.

Supplement warehousing isn’t just about having space to hold your inventory. In order to maintain and extend shelf life, supplement warehousing solutions need to provide the right conditions. Our supplement warehousing will ensure that your products will be placed under the right temperature, moisture and air quality conditions. Supplement warehouses prevent oxidation damage, heat damage and mold formation from affecting your products.

Our Supplement Fulfillment Service Allows for Hands Free Customer Delivery

In addition to supplement warehousing, we also offer supplement fulfillment services to our clients. Our dietary supplement fulfillment will make it easier to manage and grow your business. You can trust in our supplement fulfillment service to take care of your shipping and handling directly from the warehouse. Our supplement fulfillment process offers complete transparency as you’ll receive information on all the packing slips, bills and even customer profiles.

Our supplement fulfillment service also focuses on top notch quality for absolute customer satisfaction. We will pack and ship on the same day that the orders are received (within cutoff time). In addition, NutraPak’s supplement fulfillment service will take care of returns, ensure proper packaging to protect your products and provide real time updates of your inventory. This streamlined supplement fulfillment process ensures that your business runs smoothly and your customers come back to buy from you again.

So whether you need supplement fulfillment, warehousing, quality assurance professionals or manufacturing, you can trust NutraPak to help run your business. Our services allow you to focus on the marketing and scaling of your business. It will help you grow efficiently, cut costs and bring products to market quickly. Call us today to learn more about how we can help or contact us for a quote.

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