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Garlic has been used as a natural remedy for centuries in many parts of the world. Far more than just a food or spice, garlic has a surprising number of healing properties. Many people, however, are reluctant to consume it regularly because of its strong aroma. Deodorized garlic provides the perfect solution. By taking deodorized garlic pills, people can reap all of garlic’s nutritional and healing qualities without the odor. Let’s explore some leading deodorized garlic benefits.

What is Deodorized Garlic?

Deodorized garlic is a popular supplement made from the garlic weed, which is a member of the allium or onion family. The supplement retains allicin, which is derived from an amino acid containing the plant’s nutritional qualities. Deodorized garlic pills are the most common way this supplement is manufactured. Users can simply swallow the capsules, getting the nutritional benefits of garlic without any odor.

Top Deodorized Garlic Benefits

There are quite a few health benefits to consuming garlic. In some ways, you can get even more from deodorized garlic than from using it in cooking. Let’s look at some of the top deodorized garlic benefits.

1. Supports the Immune System

The immune system, which is made up of many organs, tissues, and cells that work together to ward off illness, is essential for keeping us healthy and providing us with resistance to all kinds of health problems. Garlic has long been valued for its value in supporting immunity. The immune system is crucial for maintaining health. A compromised immune system makes you more susceptible to everything from common colds to more serious illnesses. For example, studies have found that consuming a garlic supplement reduced common colds and flu by more than 60%.

2. Supports Heart Health

Boosting heart health is one of the most valued deodorized garlic benefits. Cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure are among the biggest health concerns in the modern world. Garlic can help to address some underlying causes of heart problems, including circulation, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a serious and very common health concern that can lead to heart disease and strokes. A healthy diet along with supplements such as deodorized garlic can help to control blood pressure. Studies reveal that taking a supplement such as deodorized garlic pills is just as effective as prescription medication at reducing blood pressure. Another way that garlic can boost heart health is by improving cholesterol levels. Research shows that garlic can reduce overall and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. On the other hand, garlic doesn’t affect HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

3. Supports Brain Health and May Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s

Among the many other deodorized garlic benefits, it may help boost brain health and reduce the risk of age-related illnesses. Oxidative damage contributes to many health and aging issues, including diabetes, Alzehimer’s Disease, dementia, Parkinson’s, and many others. Oxidation can occur due to aging as well as from environmental factors such as stress and pollution.

Garlic has powerful antioxidant properties that can help to counter oxidative damage. Taking deodorized garlic regularly and in sufficient doses, increase antioxidant enzymes that reduce oxidative stress. Taking such a supplement can help reduce the risks of developing such illnesses.

4. Has Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation plays a role in many common health issues, such as the joint and muscle pain caused by arthritis. Garlic contains diallyl disulfide, which is a compound proven to have anti-inflammatory effects. For this reason, the Arthritis Foundation recommends garlic to prevent cartilage damage caused by arthritis. Animal studies also suggest that garlic can help to minimize bone loss.

The anti-inflammatory deodorized garlic benefits extend beyond bone health. Inflammation is a factor in many chronic illnesses, including heart disease and cancer. Garlic may help to prevent these and other diseases. On the other hand, garlic supplements are not recommended for people with over-active immune systems, including those with autoimmune disorders such as lupus.

5. Beneficial For the Skin

Skin health depends on many factors, including genetics, diet, exposure to the sun, and hydration. Many skin problems, including acne, are caused by bacteria. Garlic has antibacterial properties that can help to clear up the skin. The allicin in garlic also has antifungal qualities that can help prevent and reduce swelling.

One traditional remedy for acne and other skin problems is to rub raw garlic on the skin. This, however, can cause irritation and burning sensations. Taking a supplement such as deodorized garlic pills allows you to get the antibacterial benefits of garlic in a safer way. It’s also simpler and faster to swallow a capsule than to crush raw garlic and apply it topically.

6. Get the Advantages of Raw Garlic Without the Odor

One of the top deodorized garlic benefits is that it provides the nutritional benefits of raw garlic, which people don’t often consume because of the strong taste and aroma. There are benefits to eating garlic that’s been cooked in food. However, cooking alters the chemistry of nutrients. Cooking garlic above a certain temperature, which occurs when you fry or roast it, destroys some of the allicin, the substance that provides many of the crucial nutrients. Even if you eat raw garlic, which preserves all of the nutrition, you probably wouldn’t do so every day. Deodorized garlic provides the nutrients of raw garlic without the odor.

There are few supplements that offer a wider range of benefits than deodorized garlic. Garlic has long been a nutritious and flavorful food and can still be used in cooking. However, not everyone likes the taste of garlic. Nor is it easy to get a consistent dose of garlic by eating it raw or cooked. Deodorized garlic provides a convenient way to consume a predictable dose of garlic every day without dealing with the odor.

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