April 21, 2017 by NutraPak USA

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To some nutritional supplement manufacturing companies, capsule supplements are straightforward products that can be outsourced to any manufacturer. However, it is actually important to find a capsule packager that has the right production facilities and quality control to come up with a high quality supplement. Why do these things matter when looking for a capsule contract packager?

Ensure Your Customers Get the Right Product

The right capsule contract packager can ensure your customers are protected and satisfied. A big problem that’s prevalent in the supplement industry is contamination. Many consumer groups have labs tested supplements and found that they often contain ingredients or contaminants that were not supposed to be there. This can affect how your supplement works and even lead to some of your customers having allergic reactions to unintended contaminants or ingredients.

If you care about the quality of your supplements, you want a capsule contract packager that puts in a lot of effort in making sure that your supplements are pure. You also want to make sure that the capsule supplement manufacturer runs GMO and organic food testing to make sure that the ingredients that they are sourcing are legitimate. You could easily be paying extra for non-GMO and organic supplement formulas. Even worse, your customers may find out and the results could hurt your brand and business.

Make Sure Your Capsule Product Has a Long Shelf Life

Another big reason why you want to look for a top rated capsule contract packager is because you want your supplements to have a long shelf life. You’re probably already aware of the fact that supplements sit for long periods on retail shelves. You may think that your capsule Private Label Supplemental’s set expiration date should guarantee that your product will last. But there is a lot more that goes into the longevity of your product.

For example, a reliable capsule contract packager will use the freshest ingredients. They’ll have relationships with the best ingredient suppliers to ensure the best supplements for their clients. They’ll also produce your supplement under the right conditions to ensure that it is protected. For instance, some capsule contract packagers will produce products in an environment that protects the products from oxidative damage, heat damage and moisture.

Protect Your Orders During Transport

Finally, a good capsule contract packager will put in a lot of care into how your products are packed and shipped. They’ll use bottling and packaging to maintain freshness for as long as possible. They’ll also ensure that the bottles and packages are not vulnerable during shipment and are designed so that customers can easily reseal them to maintain freshness once it’s in their hands.

All this makes a big impact in the quality of your product and the satisfaction of your customer. Because there are a lot of things that goes into production, it’s important that you work with a capsule contract packager that is transparent about the whole process. If you want to learn about our process at NutraPak, a leading supplement contract manufacturer in the USAcontact us and we’ll walk you through our unique processing, production and packaging methods.

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