November 15, 2016 by NutraPak USA

Private Label and Contract Supplement Manufacturing in the US

The nutritional supplement industry is huge. Forbes reported that revenue for nutritional supplements was $32 billion in 2012 and is expected to keep growing to reach $60 billion in the next five years. This leaves plenty of room for companies and individuals to get in on the continued growth of this industry. Here at NutraPakUSA, we provide private-label nutritional supplement manufacturing to generate additional revenue streams to businesses that would benefit from offering their own brand of supplements.

Adding a Supplement Brand to an Existing Business Through Private Labeling or Contract Manufacturing

There are many ways in which adding a line of supplements can benefit an existing business. Here are some examples of businesses and careers where marketing of private-label dietary supplement manufacturing can contribute to customer satisfaction and perception of value as well as increasing revenue and building brand recognition.

  • Chiropractors

  • Medical Doctors

  • Dentists

  • Weight-Loss Clinics

  • Gyms

  • Fitness Instructors

  • Personal Trainers

  • Health Coaches

  • Health Food Stores

  • Fitness, Nutrition and Weight-Loss Authors

Potential for Private Label Supplemental Success

When one has a career stake in promoting the well-being of others, the subject of nutrition, weight-loss and supplementation almost always comes up. The obesity epidemic in America involves factors that include poor nutritional choices along with sedentary lifestyles. A healthy diet is hard to maintain with the busy lifestyles of today’s American consumer, and supplementation is often recommended by health, nutrition, weight-loss, fitness and medical professionals. NutraPakUSA makes it possible to utilize the private-label branding services of one of the most trusted supplement manufacturers USA businesses and other professionals consistently rely on.

Private Label Supplement Manufacturers in the USA

There is a lot to consider when choosing a company that provides nutritional supplement manufacturing in the United States. The first hurdle is tackled when a business or professional chooses from US companies that make nutritional supplements. NutraPakUSA is located in Clifton, New Jersey. Foreign suppliers may not be under nor follow the same strict regulatory requirements that US companies must adhere to in nutritional supplement manufacturing. This includes sourcing safe and pure raw materials that actually contain the active supplement ingredients in specified quantities. At NutraPAKUSA, we provide Prime Quality Assurance and Prime Quality Control in everything from raw materials testing to finished product analysis.

Our turn-key marketing program in dietary supplement manufacturing provides everything from sourcing quality raw materials to label design, packaging, storage and shipping. It is now easier than ever for anyone who wants to have their own private-label brand of nutritional supplements to get started quickly. This includes laboratory quality analysis to confirm every supplement contains pure ingredients listed on the label and that ingredients can be properly absorbed by the human digestive tract. Our GMO-free analysis confirms no genetically modified organisms are present in supplements designated to be labeled GMO-free.

NutraPakUSA is an industry leader of nutritional supplement manufacturers USA companies depend on to provide top quality contract manufacturing and packaging of nutritional supplements to private-label product design, labeling, manufacture, storage and shipping. We are the top Supplement Manufacturer in the USA because we maintain skilled scientists in our laboratory to manage all phases of private-label nutritional supplement engineering and formulation. This provides a quick turnaround from concept to implementation of a new brand of nutritional supplements for any company or individual desiring to enter the market.

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