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What is Shark Liver Oil?

As you might have guessed, shark’s liver oil is the oily secretion of certain sharks extracted from the livers of the sharks. While not a typical seafood product, it is a supplement you can take for a multiple number of ailments or to prevent those ailments. 

After a shark has been harvested for food, a fish butcher removes the shark’s liver and very carefully opens the liver to drain the oil. The oil itself is quite pungent, having come from a sea creature that consumes all kinds of fish and prey. The oil is a dark brownish, yellowish color and somewhat viscous in nature (keep in mind that the liver in any animal is meant to process toxins out of the blood and is a very vascular organ).

The oil isn’t really blood, nor is it really a fluid. It’s something else, a bit of both and slightly in between. Once purified for human consumption, it is encased in gelatin capsules. The capsules make it easier to ingest and swallow.

Benefits of Shark Liver Oil

As previously mentioned, there are several shark liver oil benefits. Many of these benefits are legendary in nature because it was used by Scandinavians for centuries. However, in recent decades, it has been tested and found to have some real health benefits among its uses.

The oil itself contains Omega-3 PUFAs, Squalene, and AKG. Squalene is an antioxidant and an emollient. Omega-3 fatty acids are needed by your brain and nervous system to operate optimally. AKG stands for “Alpha-Ketoglutarate” and is used as an anti-inflammatory and immunity booster. More specific health benefits are as follows.

May Positively Affect Heart Health

The fact that doctors push shark’s liver oil medicine into an IV to speed healing to the heart muscle after surgery reflects that there is truth to this benefit. Additionally, it seems that the oil has anti-sclerotic effects, meaning that buildup of fatty plaque deposits in the arteries is minimized. Reduced atherosclerosis in turn means less chance of heart disease and heart attacks. 

There is some contradictory evidence regarding squalene, but it would appear to only be a problem if high doses are taken. Obviously, you are not going to supplement your diet exclusively with squalene, and the right amount in a small dosage does prove beneficial.

May Prevent Radiation Sickness

Scandinavians believe in this benefit so much that they have people with radiation sickness and radiation poisoning take shark’s liver oil. The oil’s AKG levels lower the radiation poison in the blood. If you are under radiation treatment for cancer, shark’s liver oil may offer a double benefit of reducing the side effects of radiation and decreasing cancerous cells and growth in the body.

Possible Anti-Cancer Properties

Sharks almost never suffer from cancer, despite constantly enduring high heavy metals content in their bodies. Most notably, sharks have really high amounts of mercury in their systems, which is why pregnant mothers are told to avoid shark meat while pregnant. Yet these ferocious creatures never have a single tumor. 

The high AKG and squalene content of the shark’s liver oil protects the shark from cancer. While it isn’t scientific proven, there are indications it may offer similar benefits to humans, as it has shown to help reduce cancer cells and shrink some types of cancer in the human body.

Stimulate Antibody Production and Increase Immunity

Imagine being able to boost your immune system and increase immunity from a single supplement. While Vitamin C is a longstanding choice, shark’s liver oil is another. The natural biochemical agents found in this supplement cause your body to increase antibody production. Increased antibody production helps increase and boost immunity system function.

The Omega-3 PUFAs are impactful in this benefit because they reduce inflammation in the body. Reducing the inflammation reduces the risk of becoming sick. Since your doctor probably already suggests consuming Omega-3 fatty acids, it just makes sense to take the shark’s liver oil.

Reverse the Signs of Aging

Squalene is already present in your own skin. The difference is, as you age, you lose the squalene. The amounts drop off, and your skin becomes drier, papery thin, and more wrinkled. The higher amounts of squalene in shark’s liver oil are used to make high-end cosmetics and creams. Take it internally instead and stop time from the inside out.

Add Shark Liver Oil Product to Your Line

Thinking of adding shark liver oil products to your supplement line? Let the fish oil experts at NutraPak USA help. With years of experience and exclusive agreements with purest sources of squalene, we are sure to provide you and your customers with the very best shark liver oil supplements available anywhere. Contact NutraPak USA today to learn more about our shark liver oil products.

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