February 6, 2018 by NutraPak USA

Looking for Private Label Manufacturer of Pet Supplements?

One sector of the supplement market that you can’t ignore is pet supplements. Over the years, a lot of attention has been put on the nutritional needs of dogs and cats as well as the outrage at the low quality of ingredients in common pet foods. More consumers are opting to purchase pet supplements on a regular basis making private label pet supplements a great opportunity. However, it’s important that you work with a reliable pet supplement manufacturer.

What Are Consumers Looking For in Private Label Pet Supplements?

Many consumers are looking to purchase private label pet supplements that deal with aging-related issues. The main focus is on joint issues, inflammation and organ support. As a result, joint supplements like fish oil and glucosamine work great as private label pet supplements. Fish oil in particular has become one of the most profitable private label pet supplements for many nutrition companies.

These private label pet supplements are usually best when they can be added into a pet’s meal as this makes it easier to integrate it in to the pet’s diet. Powders, liquids and pastes can easily be mixed in to pet foods for a no-fuss solution. Other private label pet supplements that should be considered include treats like biscuits and chewables.  A pet supplement manufacturer in the USA knows what they are doing and will also put a lot of emphasis on making sure that these private label pet supplements are palatable.

Why Any Pet Supplement Manufacturer Won’t Do

You may be tempted to go with the cheapest solution for producing private label pet supplements. However, you have to understand that the consumers that are purchasing these private label pet supplements treat their pets as family. They want to make sure that their pets are getting a high quality product. The last thing you want to do is to work with a pet supplement & vitamin packaging manufacturer that uses low quality ingredients or can’t deliver on what consumers want.

For instance, many consumers are looking for natural products that are not filled with chemicals. More labs and consumer groups are beginning to test different pet supplements to figure out if a pet supplement manufacturer actually is delivering on their promises. If it’s found that your private label pet supplements are not natural or use harsh chemicals, it’s bound to damage the reputation of your brand as well as customer loyalty.

Private Label Pet Supplements Resemble Human Supplement Trends

One thing that may be interesting to you is how private label pet supplements are resembling human supplement trends. For example, more companies are starting to produce probiotics for pets. Like their human owners, pets are prone to developing digestive issues as they age. With the discovery that the gut holds the key to the immune system, more pet owners are starting to purchase pet probiotics.

The industry has already seen the adoption of multivitamins, fish oil and glucosamine for private label pet supplements. It’s only a matter of time before other private label pet supplements opportunities arise like antioxidants and hormone support. The bottom line is that companies should seriously consider marketing Private Label Protein Powder to their customers.

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