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Is private label softgel manufacturing the way to go when launching your supplement brand? Private label refers to an agreement where a manufacturer handles softgel production on behalf of a brand. Meanwhile, the brand devotes its funds and resources to designing, marketing, and selling the product. The benefit of private label softgel manufacturing for the brand is that the brand can focus on marketing, branding, and retailing without taking on the cost, infrastructure, quality control, regulations, and other lofty responsibilities that go along with actually producing a supplement.

What Are Private Label Softgels?

Private label softgels are softgels that are made, filled, and packaged by a contract manufacturer under a private label softgel manufacturing agreement. Using the specifications for formulation and raw ingredients provided by the brand that will sell the product under its own label, the contract manufacturer sources high-quality ingredients to create batches of a softgel supplement. The contract manufacturer handles every aspect of manufacturing, quality control, and packaging.

Supplements Available as Private Label Softgels

Many of the most in-demand supplements in the wellness industry today are actually private label softgels. New brands, established brands, celebrity brands, and every other type of supplement brand you can name all utilize contract manufacturing to have their softgel supplements made by experienced professionals. Outsourced softgels production is an extremely cost-effective way for brands to get their supplement products made with quality. Take a look at the softgel supplements we’re able to create for you.

Algal DHA Oil

Considering a “building block” supplement, DHA oil offers benefits for the brain, eyes, and heart. DHA oil is often used during pregnancy to assist with healthy fetal development. Algal DHA oil is an algae-based oil that’s a great vegetarian or vegan alternative to fish oil.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

This antioxidant is used to support healthy vision. Due to research suggesting that ALA may help to lower blood sugar, it’s commonly used for treatment of diabetes. Doctors often recommend ALA to treat pain, numbness, and burning associated with neuropathy.


This antioxidant is believed to protect cells from damage. Many people take it to support brain, heart, joint, and skin health. It is also thought to boost the immune system.


Biotin is considered the ultimate “beauty vitamin.” Also known as vitamin B7, biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Borage Oil

Borage oil is rich in fatty acids. Many people use it to fight joint inflammation. It may also offer benefits for the heart, hair, and skin. Borage oil is also sometimes used to reduce side effects of menopause.

Chia Seed Oil

Extracted from chia seeds, this powerful supplement is full of omega fatty acids. It is believed to provide heart benefits, protection against diabetes, and protection against cancer. Chia seed oil is also used to support healthy skin and teeth. Many people use it as a pre-workout muscle food.


This molecule supports joints and connective tissue.

CLA Safflower Oil

In addition to supporting heart health, this wonder oil is also thought to prevent diabetes and promote weight loss. It can also help to support healthy skin and hair. Many women take this oil to reduce PMS and menopause symptoms.

Cod Liver Oil

Full of healthy fats, cod liver oil supports the brain, eyes, heart, and joints. It’s also thought to boost mood and mental performance. Cod liver oil is also commonly taken with other supplements during pregnancy to support healthy fetal development.


Considered a strong brain enhancer, CoQ10 is a popular supplement among people looking for a natural way to get a cognitive boost. It is also thought to support mood. There’s also evidence that CoQ10 can promote healthy vision, protect the heart, and improve the health of skin. Many people take CoQ10 for its anti-cancer benefits.

Deodorized Garlic

This is a big immunity supplement that many people take during cold and flu season! Like ordinary garlic, this supplement may also offer anti-cancer benefits and heart benefits.

DL Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate

This antioxidant is taken for heart and prostate health.

Evening Primrose Oil

While evening primrose oil is commonly used as a natural way to manage PMS symptoms, it also offers brain benefits. There’s also evidence that it improve symptoms of nerve damage caused by diabetes. Of course, some people simply love the way their skin and hair look when they take primrose.

Flaxseed Oil

A core source of omega fatty acids, flaxseed oil is used to support heart, brain, eye, and skin health. Many people also find that it provides mood benefits.

Garcinia Cambogia

This is a popular weight-loss supplement that’s derived from a small pumpkin-like fruit. People also take it for heart health and a stronger immune system.


This is one of the most popular joint supplements on the market today! Glucosamine is a natural compound that’s found in cartilage. Supplements are made using either shellfish shells or synthetic components.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is used around the world for brain health, heart health, digestive health, immune support, and weight loss. It can also be used to stabilize blood sugar, improve mood, and support weight loss.

Krill Oil

This popular fish oil supplement is used to support the brain, eyes, heart, joints, and skin. Many people also take it for mood support. Like other fish oils, it is sometimes used during pregnancy to promote healthy fetal development.


Lecithin contains essential fats that support brain health, heart health, and the immune system.

Omega 3/6/9

Omega fatty acids are some of the most popular supplements in the world. They are used to support brain health, heart health, healthy joints, and vision. Many women take extra omega fatty acids during pregnancy to support healthy fetal development.

Omega 7

Also known as palmitoleic acid, omega 7 is taken to manage diabetes, support heart health, promote weight loss, and strengthen joints.


As news about the role that gut health plays in overall health grows, interest in probiotic supplements also continues to grow. Probiotics contain strains that are known to support digestive health, strengthen the immune system, and promote weight loss.

Protein Powder

Protein powder contains essential amino acids that provide pre-workout energy and nourishment for muscle growth. These powders can also help to promote weight loss.

Royal Jelly

This milky secretion made by worker bees is popular due to its anti-cancer benefits. It also helps to support heart health, a strong immune system, and weight loss. Many people take this as an energy supplement.

Shark Liver Oil

Full of healthy fatty acids, shark liver oil is prized for supporting a healthy immune system.


Squalene is a lipid that’s thought to offer anti-cancer benefits, heart benefits, and support for the immune system.

Tuna Oil

Tuna oil is used to support brain health, eye health, heart health, joint health, skin health, and mood. It’s commonly used during pregnancy to promote healthy fetal development.

Vitamin A

This essential vitamin is used to support vision, joints, skin, and the immune system. Many people supplement with vitamin A for cancer prevention.

Vitamin C With Rose Hips

This is a powerful combo for joint health and immunity.

Vitamin D

With most adults being deficient in vitamin D, this popular supplement is needed for skin health, a healthy immune system, and illness prevention.

Wild Salmon Oil

Full of healthy fats, wild salmon oil is a great option for supporting brain health, eye health, heart health, joint health, and skin health. It’s also valued for its mood-boosting properties. Wild salmon is often taken during pregnancy to support healthy fetal development.


Multivitamins are used to fill in nutritional gaps left by diet. Various formulations can offer support for the eyes, hair, brain, prostate, digestive system, joints, skin, teeth, nails, and immune system. Multivitamins are also used for weight loss, energy, and pre-workout muscle building.

Is It Time to Explore Private Label Softgel Manufacturing?

Countless brands get their private label softgels made by NutraPak USA. Based in New Jersey, NutraPak USA manufactures softgel supplements at our state-of-the-art nutraceutical filing and packaging facility right here in the United States. Our softgel production is done in compliance with all industry regulations to meet the highest standards possible. Contact us today to learn more about private label softgel manufacturing.

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