June 7, 2022 by NutraPak USA

If you sell nutritional supplements, do you offer your customers pet vitamins? If not, there are some good reasons to add these popular items to your offerings. Let’s look at the top reasons to add private label pet vitamins to your product line.

What are Private Label Pet Vitamins and Supplements?

Private label manufacturers are companies that partner with sellers who want to offer supplements under their own brand name. You can have exclusive products created that will only be sold under your brand. Selling private label pet vitamins is an effective strategy for building your brand without having to manufacture your own products.

Why Add Private Label Pet Supplements to Your Product Line?

Here are the top four reasons you should be selling private label pet vitamins and supplements.

1. The pet supplement industry is growing fast.

People in the United States and other countries are getting more enthusiastic about pets. As people bring home more puppies and kittens, they need to buy products that keep their furry friends healthy. The pet supplement industry is expected to continue growing and reach over $822 million by 2027. Because people love their pets so much, they are constantly looking for ways to keep them healthy. Private label pet vitamins tap into this demand.

2. Pet-related industries are recession-proof.

Economic downturns and other events can make most businesses unpredictable. For example, the pandemic of 2020 had a huge impact on almost all industries. However, many pet-related products actually exploded in popularity as people who were staying home acquired more pets. No matter what is happening in the world, people aren’t going to stop caring for their pets. Private label pet supplements are an evergreen industry that will continue to thrive regardless of world events.

3. Your customers are already familiar with many of these supplements.

People will often buy the same supplements for their pets as they are taking. If you are already selling supplements for humans, many of your customers are pet owners. People are getting more educated about vitamins and nutritional supplements in general. If they are in the habit of consuming supplements, they are very likely to also buy private label pet supplements.

As consumers buy products for themselves and their families, they are often eager to provide similar benefits to their pets. Many of the top-selling pet supplements, such as multivitamins, fish oil, and glucosamine, are pet variations of supplements many people take. So if you already have customers who take omega-3 supplements, you may as well sell them comparable products for their dogs and cats.

4. Pet owners are getting better informed about keeping their pets healthy.

Not that long ago, most pet owners thought it was enough to provide their cats and dogs with a healthy diet and maybe some treats. Now, more and more pet owners want to provide their pets with specialized supplements to prevent and manage various health issues. For example, dog owners know that many breeds are susceptible to bone disorders as they age, which is why fish oil and other omega-3 products are now very popular. Similarly, people often provide their pets with probiotics to promote healthy digestion. These and other private label pet vitamins address many common health issues for animals. Pet owners increasingly understand that animals, like humans, need proper nutrition and that many vitamins and supplements can improve their well-being, prevent health problems, and help them live longer.

Are you looking for a reliable source of private label pet supplements? NutraPak USA has a full range of quality pet vitamins and supplements, available in forms such as tablets, soft chews, powders, and liquids. To learn more, contact us.

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